The Philippines Bahay Kubo on a different Level, now Cubo

The Philippines Bahay Kubo on a different Level!

This article is the continuation of the Affordable House for Filipino.

In my previous blog about the affordable house for Filipinos, you can see that buying a house means – huge expense, no matter it is a row house type or a townhouse type.

Because of the continuous price increase of all materials, it affects the prices of all housing projects. Even with the small row house in size of 22sqm, you cannot find an offer of lower than PHP 500,000 especially if you want to have it in the adjacent province from Metro Manila.

It is saddening that some Filipinos couldn’t be able to afford to have even a small house. Many are struggling and doing the best effort they can to have the piece of property in their life. While some accepted the reality that having their own house will be just only a dream.

Because of this situation, many give up the idea of buying their house and lot, and just decided to buy a piece of land in their provinces. It is cheaper, spacious if compare to the housing project in a private subdivision nearby Metro Manila that is very in demand nowadays.

Most of these aspiring people are renting in the city because of their work. But because of the expensive housing project, renting looks more practical for them. And the lot they had in their province would be the place for their retirement home or some this is their backup plan in case they lost their job in Metro Manila, like what just happened in this pandemic.

However building the house regardless it is in the province, it requires a good budget as well. It will take time for one to earn enough fund to finally start building their simple house.

Second to the budget issue, manning the housing development will take time and effort. It would be harder if you are not in the area, you need to take a trustworthy person to oversee your home construction.

With all the hassle and expenses in building a house, some Pinoys now are getting interested in a minimal and tiny living.

Even myself has been dreaming to have my own tiny home for a long time. My vision before was to have a container home. Unfortunately, it still a dream. The lot where I should build it is now 3 years delay in turnover. Up to now, I am not getting a clear answer when the lot title will be ready.

So while I am still waiting for it, I am not getting tired of watching different vlogs about minimalistic living in the Philippines.

Many years back I saw this young entrepreneur from the news about his plan of building affordable housing for many Pinoys. He brings our legend, Bahay Kubo, to a different level. The young generation will get the chance to know the Philippines Kubo whom many thought will just part of the history, or can be seen as a cottage in a beach house. Though it is now a modern kubo, the story behind it will bring back the original Kubo details and history.

It is nice to know that his plan is now in reality and available for those who want to live in this type of house.

The below is some of the information about these tiny homes for many Pinoy.

From Kubo to Cubo

Company Name: Cubo

Their Aim: To build a better and dignified homes for Filipinos.

They make sustainable, affordable and dignified housing to more people by designing and manufacturing modular engineered bamboo house kits. Cubo is the first of their kinds in the Philippines, as they combine modular design, renewable materials, rapid manufacturing, rapid assembly, and local craftmanship to create a housing solution for Filipinos. And what is the most we would be proud is this is made by a Filipino. A young Filipino who wants to help and give hope for many aspiring people to have their own space.

Lets get and see their beautiful and world class design.

The below model house are the top 3 of their cheapest design.

The Philippines Bahay Kubo – Cubo

Batanes Model – Origin Type – 6.5 sqm total livable space

The Philippines Bahay Kubo plain

The Batanes Origin offers an open 6.5 sq.m. It can be used as a standalone accommodation or a dedicated home office.

Batanes Model – Standard Type – 13.00 sqm total livable space

The Philippines Bahay Kubo batanes with loft

With a Standard Type CUBO, you get to choose how your home feels. With multiple customizable options for the exterior and interior look you get full control of your new space!

Batanes Model – Loft Type – 16.5 sqm total livable space

The Philippines Bahay Kubo Batanes Model

If you want to use your CUBO to its full potential, the Loft Type is right for you. And with multiple customizable options for the exterior and interior look of your CUBO, you get full control of your new space!


If you want to see more of their designs, prices you may visit their website at Cubo .Ph

The Philippines Bahay Kubo


This website is not related by all means with Cubo.PH company. All the photos, and their project details are from their website.

This post is just to share with many Filipino who are dreaming to have their own Cubo soon.

All the details may be subject to change, for more information you may visit their website


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