Amazing Dubai Water Canal – Night view

For sure many of my “Kabayan” here in Dubai are so busy during the Eid Al Adha holiday. Not in terms of work but busy chilling and roaming around UAE.

I saw a lot of posts on social media of many UAE expats enjoying their time with families and friends.

After the long week of working battling with pressures and stress, everyone deserves to have a little fun. It will definitely help one to rejuvenate their tired body and mind.

There are some chose to spend the day at park, beach, and shopping mall. And others use the chance to visit the new spot in the country which they haven’t seen yet.

For those fan of staycation, they drove along way to other parts of the Emirates.

Hubby and I don’t have any plans for out of town as 3 months from now we will be having our vacation in the Philippines so practicality wise better to allocate that money in our upcoming trip.

However, staying the whole holiday at home is not my thing as well. So, I used the chance to bond with my favorite uncle, he is the youngest brother of my father.

We picked him up from his apartment at DIP (40 minutes drive from my place) then went directly to Karama for a simple dinner at Laguna Cuisine.

I’ve been here once actually, my uncle is the one who introduces us to this food hub.

As usual, we enjoyed our dinner. It is my hubby’s first visit and he likes the food as well.

Below are some of the main courses. ( I only had the dinakdakan, kilawin, shrimps and crabs)

Good thing that we started our dinner as early as 06:45 PM by 7:15 a lot of people started to arrive. We finished our meal by 08:00 then we just roam around the Karama area.

As expected we really sweat a lot the weather still not cooling down, but it’s fine at least we burn all the calories we had.

After that, we went to Dubai Water Canal for sight seeing I’ve been there once but it was afternoon. Meaning, it would be the first time for the 3 of us to see the beauty of the place.

The view is really amazing and we can’t imagine how they built it. The waterfall is so relaxing I guess it would be so ideal to visit the place again by winter time.


The board walk. Those free charging station only proves that Dubai is such a high tech city


Feels like I am in Violet world


So tempting to swim 🙂

Dubai water canal

Many people are enjoying the view despite the hot weather

This place is really a must visit spot in Dubai, my uncle requested to come back and try to ride the ferry. I hope on winter we can find time to do that.

Catching up and bonding time doesn’t require a big penny simple things can still make one happy.

We ended the night with laughter and a cup of coffee… till next time.

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