Goose bumps in Dubai Zoo

I’ve been here in UAE for almost 10 years but this is my first time to visit their zoo, it is the Dubai Zoo located in Jumeirah 1.

As expected most of visitors are families with their precious young ones, a lot of happy kids are there, amazed with the different animals. Their smiles are really innocent and easy to pleased, it is so refreshing.

The Zoo is a like any normal zoo, it is not that big but its ideal place to visit for animal lovers and for those who have children. Seeing those animals makes me smile for many reasons, I imagined 3 scenarios;

-I imagined those animal lovers, for sure they are delighted and feel close to mother earth while hearing the different sounds of each animal.

-and for those who are an avid fan of the NatGeo show and genius like, definitely they are thinking deeply the characteristics of each animal, how do those monkeys evolve to mankind.

-and for those who believe in creation, without a doubt, they appreciated the gift of life more and really amazed on each creature.

My experience is a bit different, it is a mix of appreciation, thrilled and challenged. I like animals but limited only to two kinds, it is either cats or dogs, so my visit here is a bit unexpected. I don’t know actually what’s gotten on me. I have a phobia with any kinds of birds, chicken any creature that belongs to these categories. I know I am unfair as I love to eat fried chicken 🙁

But these are the truth, I am still trying to figure out what exactly the reasons are, but as far as I remember, it is related to my experience when I was a kid. I think one turkey chased and pecked me, even while writing this blog I totally feel the goose bumps remembering my experience in the zoo.

I know, I am overacting, apology for that, but I tried my best to overcome my fear alone and managed to stay there for 1 hour, it is a small achievement for me 🙂

Despite these feelings, I had enjoyed my quick stay in Dubai zoo and makes me realize how intelligent our creator by creating not only hundreds or thousand kinds of animals but millions of it, so I should not be scared of them 🙂

Below photo is proof of my braveness!




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