My rest day turns to be a busy and productive day

I am looking forward to a day off that literally a relaxing day.

I know it is not only me who feel this feeling of tiredness, stress, and pressure to do all the things that we have to do in a small period of time.

In every day of our life, we are so busy in many things. Right after we opened our eyes in the morning till the last blink at night we are occupied with many tasks and busy thinking of what we will do on the following days.

Hayyss, sadly this is the reality.

But, instead of feeling negative let’s just look it at the positive side. It is better to be busy than doing nothing.

Speaking of the word “busy” I was so busy during my day off in doing some personal errands.

My day off agenda:

  • To bring kitty car (name of my humble car) to the maintenance shop. I supposed to bring it 2 weeks back but I really don’t have the energy to do so due to my not so feeling good mood.
  • Need to visit again my doctor for a follow up check up 🙁 As long as I can visiting a doctor is on my least priority, I really don’t like the feeling of going to hospital or clinic.)
  • Quick meet up with a friend to collect some goods.
  • Ensure to do groceries for a stock the whole week.
  • Prepare a lovely dinner

I left the house around 08:00 am as my car maintenance appointment is 09:00 am. The shop is about 15 minutes away from my place since I have enough time I passed by at Mcdonalds for breakfast to have my favorite “Sausage Egg McMuffin with coffee”


Then I proceeded to Kia Service Center located in Ras Al Khor. I thought there would only a few customers since it is still early but, surprisingly they are so busy.

As usual, the agent assisted me well (just kidding, she is a good friend of mine) I informed her that I prefer to wait for the car rather than collecting it the following day. They agreed but they can only finish it by 12:30 – 1:00 pm oopps it’s too long. Anyway’s practicality wise I better wait and stay so I agreed with them.

Good thing they have a free WIFI, I made myself busy in reading different blog page. I am really a fan of reading blogs I think I am more enjoying in reading than watching vlogs.

One more thing I enjoyed staying here as they have the coffee machine which is only AED 1.00 / cup. I had 2 cups such a hard headed lady, my doctor advised me to lessen my caffeine intake.

In case you have small kids that don’t like to leave at home they have this kid’s area.

By 12:15 my kitty car is done and ready to roll for another 10 thousand kilometers.

After that, I drove all the way to Al Barsha My City center to meet someone. Then, I saw this thrift store the “Dollar plus store” I checked it out and I really enjoyed roaming around.

There are lots of interesting stuff to buy with a very cheap price, much cheaper comparing to Daiso and any other thrift shop I visited.

But buying unnecessary stuff is not on my list for now, I am in the phase of decluttering some of my things.

I only bought these cute items. I felt shy, in my old age I never ever tried using fake nails since it is only AED 7.00 I decided to give it a try maybe I will be doing tomorrow.

And these cute colorful clips that I will be using to post all my printed Polaroid photos. For sure hubby will complain again as he prefers a minimalist and clutter free design.

Around 4:00 pm I drove back to International City to attend my 5:00 pm doctor follow up check up 🙁

The clinic is located in Pavillion International City (Aster Clinic) I am really thankful that they opened this branch closer to my house it is really convenient for many people residing in this area.

Pavilion International City is an additional establishment that made the resident’s life here so easy. It has the Union Coop grocery store, Aster Clinic, 2 Pharmacies, Various restaurants such as McDo, KFC and more, Etisalat, and Money transfer outlet.

My check up is fine as per her I just need to continue my medication. She still needs to do few test to determine the best solution for my case.

To change my mood I need to have my favorite cookies and cream ice cream with almonds on top at Baskin, this became a routine for me everytime I finished consulting a doctor I wanted to have a scoop of ice cream 🙂

Then I dropped by at the Union Coop (Grocery store) need to buy few stuff & foods.


Upon reaching home I prepare our sumptuous sinigang for dinner to complete my task for the day.

I am tired but fulfilled, I always like this feeling of being independent. Still, I can’t imagine how those mommies based in Dubai with their kids, working full time manages their day so well.

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