Ben and Jerry ‘s Ice Cream, My Sweet Tooth’s Favorites

Ben and Jerry ‘s

A sweet temptation that hard to resist

The best sweet discovery for me that exists

Forgetting my calorie count for a while is fine, as long as you would be mine

Fruity, chocolates, and a cake flavor are the variants you wouldn’t want to be missed

My favorite of all when I was still in Dubai. the only thing I am always reminiscing so far

During our happy and sad moment, you had been part of our life.

Either for a celebration or just to boost our mood.

Now here in the Philippines, I am craving for you badly. I guess, I need to find you quickly, Ben & Jerry ‘s


Our last Ben & Jerry sweet tripping in Dubai while preparing and packing our stuff to be sent to Philippines.

I know, the above sounds so cheesy, but I just want to share how hubby and I craving for this ice cream for the past days.

This is our favorite desserts, refreshment or whatever how you want to call it, while we are living in Dubai.

In every month grocery schedule, we need to make sure this will be part on our list. A little sweet treats for ourselves, we want to enjoy it either we are on the car or at home.

Though there are many yummy ice-cream available in every market like London Dairy, Baskins and Robbins which are also great. For us, Ben and Jerry’s Ice-cream perfectly suit our taste bud.

What I love about this so much is the creaminess, textures and thickness, with the right sweet balance.

Ben and Jerry texture

The flavors is so alive and real. And when it melts on your mouth it is so smooth like a smoothies.

Ben and Jerry

I know this is available in Philippines too as per the information online. But up to now, I haven’t seen it yet from the grocery stores I went to.

If in case you know accessible place selling this let me know please.

Are you a Ben & Jerry ‘s Ice-cream fan too?


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