Simple coffee bonding makes friendship stronger – Gloria Jean’s Mirdiff City Center

We are now living in a world surrounded by many artificial things. With the help of science and technology, the impossible became possible and exist.

From the simple artificial flowers, man-made island and to the complicated artificial body parts. These are just a few of the intelligent human inventions, that sometimes we mistakenly thought its real. However, after we realize that it is not true we still admire and appreciate it. Why? because of its benefits.

But there are things in life that we want it to be real, true and natural. One of those is the True friendship.

When I was young, finding a true friend was a bit hard because of many misinterpretations. I was not loner, I was actually with a group of friends. Despite that, I sometimes felt alone and empty. Growing up I realized those companions are not the meanings of true friends.

Because true friendship is based on loyalty, honesty, love, and respect. Like in a married couple the friendship is not just about the happy times but most especially during the tough times.

Finding a true friend is never easy no matter what age we are. So once you find a true one make sure to keep it. Take care of it like real plants, cultivate it so it will last. In a literal way, allot a time to catch up with a friend. Spending quality time will make friendship stronger and forever. And to complete the fun maybe a cup of coffee is needed 🙂

Thanks for the time Sissy. Our coffee date at Gloria Jean’s Mirdiff City Center

Coffee time became an enjoyable one when spent with your true friends:)

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