IKEA Food Court Dubai, My Last Great Dinner in UAE

IKEA Food Court Dubai, where you can enjoy great food on a budget. One of the many go-to places in UAE

How many years you had staying in UAE? Have you still see yourself leaving the comfort of this place?

If you had been in this country for many years, how do you imagine spending your last days?

Most of the people I knew have even a list of the place they need to visit before saying their goodbye to this country.

Same with them I had many plans to do in the time I will leave this place.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen. My last few days in Dubai was not spent in the way I imagine it. There is no chance to do those things in the time I left UAE.

And like what I share in this blog, my exit from UAE is unexpected. I never thought of leaving as early as this the place I treat as my second home.

Thirteen years of my life revolves in this beautiful country, but I never felt that I was living in UAE for that long.

Maybe because I see it as my second home.

We leave UAE half-hearted.

But that is alright, that decision is the better option for us then.

And, if ever I would turn back the time we decide to leave, we would still choose to go back home to the Philippines.

Nearly half a year now, I was staring at some of my old photos from the UAE. I was asking myself if what place I miss from this country, however, I couldn’t think of any specific one.

Maybe because my last days during the pandemic was stressful and tiring. Or I just simply want to move on fast from the memories I had from UAE.

I think the second one is the most appropriate reason.

My mind says I am not missing UAE, but I know there are inner thoughts on me that longing for this place. I miss living my life independently in a place where I discover myself, learned, and experience many things in life.

However, we made a choice and we will happily embrace it. Maybe after weighing things, hubby and I would decide whether we would continue living an ex-pat life in another country or will focus here in the Philippines. Up to now, we are still unsure.

My last Dinner in Dubai – IKEA Food Court Dubai

I guess what I missed most from UAE is not the place, nor the food, but the happy moment I had with few people that dear to my heart.

If there would be one thing in UAE that I hope exists in the Philippines, that would be the IKEA.

Everyone in the UAE loves this store so much. This is the haven if you want to buy great furniture at affordable prices.

My most favorite is their showroom wherein your eyes can enjoy imagining your future home design.

Many OFW enjoys their day off here without spending a dime, roaming around is enough.

Aside from the beautiful furniture pieces, dinnerware, and tons of kitchen stuff, my second favorite in IKEA is the IKEA Food Court. Compare to other mall food court, the IKEA food court gives a great ambiance to enjoy your good food on a budget.

During my last night in UAE, I didn’t miss the chance of having my dinner here.

I ordered my favorite pasta, meatballs, unlimited cappuccino with a slice of cake.

Meaty Pasta

IKEA Food Court Dubai Meat Balls

Mashed Potato with Meat Balls

Unlimited Cappuccino

Chocolate Cake

A simple dinner that we enjoy with our favorite guy in UAE, my Uncle Jessie.

IKEA Food Court Dubai Jebel Ali

We should have a mini get-together with my youngest brother working in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately, due to the COVID lockdown, there is no way for him to travel to Dubai neither us to Abu Dhabi.

Face Mask is a Must before I left UAE

Despite my last days in UAE was not spent extravagantly and in the way I was planning it, I was happy to spend it with an important person in our life.

IKEA Food Court Dubai

Week before my last day in UAE

By 2021 IKEA Philippines will be opening. This will gives many Pinoy not just an experience why foreigners are into IKEA items, but more than that, a job opportunity

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The world’s biggest IKEA

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