Common pinay expat problem in Dubai

Many Filipina women are working in Dubai and each of them has their own reasons for working here.

Few people might think that they are living their life here glamorously, perfectly and happily. Maybe there are some who really do, but there is part of it may not and just pretending that they are fine, anyway each one of us has our own stories.

I’ve done a simple research of what could be the common problems of Filipina expat here in Dubai. And at first, I was expecting that their answers might be related to financial issues as those are

the common reasons why many Filipina chose to work abroad but I was wrong.

I would like to get a realistic figure so I need to go out and talk to few Pinays. whenever I have the chance while doing my groceries or buying anything at the mall I am trying to have a quick

conversation to the sales personnel, It is not hard to approach them as the initial approached is as a shopper when I feel they are cooperative and fine to talk to I am rescheduling a return visit, at

that time they are more comfortable in talking to me since I had been once their customer.

It takes me for almost a month to gather the data as I need to keep coming back with them and looking for a perfect timing to open up the topic in a more natural way. Thankfully I had spoken to few of them but I would share for now those who are married and their husbands are also living in Dubai and here you go their stories.

Out of 5 Married Pinay Expat:

Gracey is happily married, she and her husband are living the expat life here in Dubai for almost 8 yrs. they are happy but still something is missing, they are trying for a long time to have a baby. But because of their busy lifestyle, stressful work, different working shifts they are having a problem to conceive and started to feel depressed and hopeless to have their baby.

Jonabelle in her early 40s with teenager kids left in Philippines, is happily married to a very kind and responsible man, but that was that was 2 years ago. Her husband cheated her and left her to be with another married Pinay lady and as per Jonabelle the two are legally living in one roof. She is thankful that her kids are supportive of her and always sending her message assuring that they love her. Though she is trying to move on but the pain left to her heart is still there and couldn’t believe her husband did that to his family.

Lhou in her 30s is happily married, as s proof she just delivered their 2nd child a cute baby boy 5 months back but because of financial issue, she needs to left her kids to her mother and continue working here with her husband to support their kids need. She said, “I know my presence in my kids life would be more important but for me as a mother I felt it would not be enough if I cant give them quality life” she feels depressed to be separated from her kids but she needs to be firm and strong to give the life she wanted for them

Rina she has 2 kids in the custody of her mother in Philippines, she is very jolly person and beautiful, you would never think that her husband cheated on her not just once but many times. She want to let him go but because of her love to their kids she is sacrificing and trying her best to stand for their relationship, the sad thing is she is fighting for her husband and the mistress is brave as well to fight her back. She said she is not sure till when she can fight for her marriage but as long as she can she will try hard.

Genalyn, the youngest among all, in her late 20s. Her husband has been working here in Dubai for about 3 years they have a 4 years old daughter in the Philippines, because of the increasing expenses, Genalyn decided to work abroad too. Her husband agreed so she can help him in supporting their kid financially, she is in Dubai for about 6 months, she built a lot of dreams in her mind that soon once she is settled she is hoping they can bring her daughter here. But to her dismayed she finds out that her husband has a live-in partner here in Dubai. When she finally confirmed it she confronted her husband but the guy asked her forgiveness and understanding as he really love now her mistress, he said he will continue supporting their daughter financial. Genalyn  is so depressed she want to go home but she is tied with a 2 years contract, it seem she doesn’t have any choice but to continue her life here.

It is alarming to hear that many Filipino married couples are being separated and broken, considering that they are both living in Dubai. They should be enjoying their relationship, working hard to fulfill their dreams and most especially doing their best effort to keep their promise to love each other no matter what happens.

Definitely, having financial issues with a happy family would be more bearable and resolvable unlike the feeling of being cheated. The hurt and the broken trust would affect not only the spouse but most importantly the children, we never know how these situations would impact on their lives while growing up.

I can’t imagine the pain of those Pinay Expat who are been cheated and left by their husbands, it is hard to think what would the best advice as I know no one can understand their pains aside for

those who had been in their situations.

I know that I only have the one side of the story but let’s just see it in reality way, regardless whose mistake would it be from, but the fact of growing numbers of broken family are

increasing this is really disturbing, we should accept the fact that we are living in a world of full of temptations and if one would not be careful and watchful, he/she might be fallen in

this trap let’s focus on the main reasons why we are here that is,  to work and to provide a good life to our families back home not to enjoy our life alone with another new family and most

importantly not just to support them financially but to assure them our loyalty and love.

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