Typical house of Filipinos in Dubai

The time we had decided to move and work abroad there are factors we think and consider.

Aside from salary, we think about the place we will live in.

Of course, we need to feel secure that we will be staying in a safe and comfortable house

But, similar to post in Instagram or any other social media site there is always an expectation vs reality.

Most Filipinos working abroad experience this situation. The impressions of their relatives, families back home are they are living in a comfortable or even luxurious lifestyle.

Well, it may be true for some but mostly OFW is just trying to survive. There are some having a salary that can afford to rent a spacious and comfy place. But the OFW mentality is “to save and send”

They rather stay in a cheaper house instead of ripping off a large amount to the rental fee. It would be either a small room, to share with others or to basically just rent the bed space.

In this blog, I will be sharing you guys the normal houses of Filipinos here in UAE particularly in Dubai. (will be talking about those incomes are less than AED5,000 per month)


Similar to my experience when I just landed in Dubai the package I got includes of a housing. We called it ” accommodation”

The accommodation varies depends on your position and the company’s wealth.

(Studio Room – my example is based on hotel workers)

  • For managerial position, you will be staying in this room privately.

  • 2 single beds if you are working as a supervisor or executive assistant etc.
  • Similar room for those working in reception, reservation, admin but having 4 beds in a studio room.

  • Squeeze into 3-4 bunk beds for a normal worker such as waitress, housekeeping etc.

In my case, I was assigned to a studio room with the 4 beds. It is spacious somehow and comfy we are staying at that time in International City.

However, there are companies who provide a full package. Which means the expenses for your accommodation are already on your monthly salary. You will decide where you will stay depends on your preference and allocated budget.

The private studio apartment cost between AED20,000 to AED35,000 per year. This is normally paid in different cheques payment from 4,6 or 12 cheques terms. Mostly married couple or group of friends chose this options. The monthly cost is either equally divided or depends on the space taken by one.

But in case you prefer a cheaper option variety of choices are there such as;


Why is it called a partition? simply because it is a room that installed of a partition wall, or separator to make it more private. The basic studio room can transform into 3 partitions that normally ranges from AED1300.00 – AED1800.00 per month plus the electricity bill.

There are different types of partition though depends on your budget as well.

A cheaper partition

If you want to feel more privatize you can choose a wooden partition. However, the cost for this type is a bit higher compare to above.

You can also found a partition room which is totally closed up to the ceiling.

Bed Space

For those peeps who don’t care much on the privacy and comfort, they are choosing to stay in bed space. This is the cheapest option of renting outside. Though this is not totally legal same with partition (except you are families) but it has become a practice since normal worker definitely couldn’t afford to get his own apartment neither a partition.

The price normally ranges between AED500.00-AED800.00 per month. This can be inclusive of electricity and internet while there are some charging additional cost.

For this type be considerate about the things you will have. The space you pays here is basically your bed. Good enough if they will give a small space for you slim cabinet. (someone is occupying the upper deck too)

Have you noticed that the amount changes depends on how private that space can give? All of us surely wants our comfort, privacy but in reality, it depends on how much we can pay.

If you are planning to move here in UAE I suggest visiting these websites.

Dubizzle, Linkinads, 

This will give you an idea of the cost and actual photo of those apartments for rent. Starting your new journey is definitely exciting. Planning ahead of time is always the best to know the reality from your expectation.

Many believe that we are living similar to the featured image of this blog. Same with real life try to open the door to see what awaits you.


Filipinos are mostly staying in the area of. ( Al Khail Gate, Karama, Satwa, Discovery Garden, Deira or International City). Among this community, International city is the cheapest but a little far from the city. However, fair enough if you have own wheels you will still save a bit.

(Photos are not mine though I only found it from google image)
(Feature image credit to owner)

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