When Dubai Based PinayExpat Meets The Prince of Kuwait (The End)

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Kay feels so sad for what had happened to Anji, but it seems she will not know the exact reasons why Anji’s situation worsen, for the few hours of conversation Kay is convinced that Anji is experiencing a mental health disorder.

She tried to communicate with Anji’s family and thankfully she got the number of Anj’s mom, though Anji’s mom doesn’t know Kay personally she appreciates the effort that Kay done to reach her.

Anji’s mom asked Kay on what happened to her daughter in Dubai, why did she suffer this problem, Kay answered Anji’s mom frankly and with honesty.

     To be honest Auntie, your daughter is very close to me and she always tells me how she wants to achieve a certain success in life not just for her but most especially for her parents, she was so depressed when you are disappointed with her choice in life especially in choosing the person she wants to be with but it is alright with her, as she believes that you know the best for her.

And that is the truth Kay, I only want the best for her,  all the parents are like that, is this my fault Kay?

 I am not in the right place to say if it’s your fault but that is the reality of what had happened to your daughter, especially when she finds out that she has the Reynauds disease this really makes her sad and upset. I spoke with her for the past months and she relayed with me how problematic she is financially and how she feels that she is a burden to the family, I tried my best to help her by giving a word of encouragement but it seems her depressions couldn’t take it anymore.

     I never let her feel that way, I don’t know why she thinks it badly, anyways so far she is under medication as per the psychiatrist who’s handling her case she is mentally disturbed and as per doctor diagnostic “she is living now the life that she always dream” please stand by her Kay, if she is communicating with you just be normal with her,  the doctor said we just need to be patient and she will be recovering soon.

How sad what had happened to Anji, the last news that Kay received  was Anji is still trying to recover, though Dave really love her but he doesn’t have any choice but to give her up due to her mental illness, while Jhong is still in Dubai happily married with 2 kids, he heard what had happened to Anji and he feels sorry for her.

The lessons from this story is for;

Parents, please don’t push hard on your kids maybe your intention is for them to be better and strong but before doing that please try to know their limitations and stress capacity, instead of regretting in the end when they couldn’t handle it anymore. Children love their parents and definitely want them to be proud of them and to help them in life, in this case, we cannot blame Anji as well….

While to the young ones, children try to know yourself deeper, you need to know your strength and weakness, not all of us has the same tolerance in handling problems in life and no one can help us but only ourselves. If you feel you are getting stress emotionally, don’t be shy to share it with your trusted one, if you feel you are pushed to the edge, stop for a while, relax and pray harder to overcome it.

Live your life in a positive and a right way, if you have a lot of goals there is nothing wrong to work hard to achieve it, but be realistic in your expectations, don’t let anyone distract you, because, in the end, you will be the one to face whatever the results of your decisions.

Thanks for reading Anji’s story.

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