Dinner at Palazzo Versace Dubai

Good boss, good company equals the best team.

Hooray for our team, in spite of tough competition in the market for the past months we are still kicking.

Our director treats us a superb dinner at Palazzo Versace Dubai last night as his gratitude for the effort of the whole team in achieving all the deadlines and target.

We are suggesting to do it in the more cheaper venue but, he is really generous. He advised us to search for a good place that for sure all the team would enjoy, appreciate and worth of giving few of their time that supposed to spend with their family, wow our boss is really a considerate man.

Out of our 3 choices, he decided to do it here in Palazzo Versace Hotel.

I’ve been here once when I organize one executive event but wasn’t able to do a blog or take any photos due to busy activities.

I didn’t even notice that time how elegant and extravagant this hotel is.


–The lobby–

–Explain chandelier, this is really eye catching, one of the chandeliers in the lobby complements the white painted wall–

–Stylish pieces, there are many wall frames consisting different fashion design but haven’t any chance to take photo of it–

We had our dinner at Giardino Restaurant and this stunning theme welcomes us.

–feels that summer is all year round in this restaurant–

The reserved slot for us.

The expansive spaces and exotic mosaic patterns that adorn the walls and pillars are the highlights of Giardino restaurant.


–stylish, uniqueness is the description to expect in this hotel–

We arrive the hotel around 7:30 pm,  our boss is already there welcoming us with our family and friend, as he allowed each staff to bring one with them. We really love the feeling of being part of the team who makes you feel that they also value your family’s attachment.

After hi & hello we started with our sumptuous dinner.

–Buffet counter–


–variety of bread–


–salad sections–


–grilled chicken & beef section–

–love their beef–

–and here you go, my starter–

Restaurant staff uniforms match the garden theme, looks weird but cute.

I only have few chickens, beef, and salad for my main course. I don’t want to feel full as I’m saving the spaces to try their sweets.

As far as I remember I tried between 5-6 options of this mini cute cakes, I couldn’t remember their flavors though, I am really sugar addict can’t resist sweets.

Out of those, below are I love most.

We really enjoy the night, bonding out of work is really helpful to strengthen the bond of the team to make them feel more motivated to work hard.

karak tea

–Ended the night with Karak tea :)–

The whole team and our boss thanks, each other for supporting this night.

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