Driving in the heart of Manila (MECQ to GCQ)

Driving in Manila from MECQ to GCQ

Most of the OFW who drives in the UAE or other countries are not confident to drive in Manila when on vacation.

Despite the driving skills they learned abroad they are afraid of the local drivers here in the Philippines. Not because the local drivers are good or expert, instead most of these drivers here are inconsiderate in the road. OFW’s is trying to any issues or accidents while on holiday because of reckless drivers.

It looks that most local drivers have their own rules.

Same these OFW, I am avoiding as much as I can to drive here every time I’m on my vacation. I know that no matter how good at driving I am abroad and know the traffic rules, it seems doesn’t applicable here.

Local drivers here mostly do not follow the rules. They are not respecting even the basic rule, such as lane changing, staying in their lane, and to use only the correct lane.

Despite that driving here is challenging, I don’t have any choice but to do it. Traveling by public transportation here is a big no for me. It is harder while driving my own would be more practical, I just need to be extra careful.

So far, my regular driving route is Rizal – Manila – Rizal every two weeks. I serve as my Father’s driver to accompany him for his chemotherapy session at PGH.

Though I learned driving here in the Philippines 20 years ago, I never drive in the city of Manila. My father wouldn’t allow me that time or I don’t know what he will do to me in case I sneak in.

Manila is known as a place with heavy traffics and reckless drivers, driving there is really hard. I never imagine before that I would be able drive in this place.

Now that I am confident and my Father as well in my driving skills, he is letting me go. My driving experience in UAE for 7 years prepared me for this situation.

However, every time I am driving herein the Philippine, my patience, calmness is being tested. But it is fine, I know in few more months I can drive here full of confidence like in UAE.

A short video of me driving at City of Manila going to PGH during MECQ and GCQ.

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