Take care of your Dirhams – Dirhams to Pesos so Fragile

Take care of your Dirhams – Dirhams to Pesos so Fragile

AED 300.00 was the last dirhams in my pocket the time I left Dubai Airport on July 20, 2020. I was planning to use it as my emergency cash in case something happened. Delay of flights or total cancellation is my worries then, so having an extra Dirhams is important.

Thankfully the immigration and flight check-in went smoothly. Spending all of it inside the airport is not acceptable by my conscience at all. I only used AED 100.00 from it for our snacks and light dinner till boarding time. I should change the excess AED 200.00 at the Dubai airport, but the conversion was low at that time. That’s why I didn’t go for that option.

I was thinking it is no big deal, anyways there is a lot of money changer in the Philippines to do that.

Last August 20, I finally remember to change it while hubby’s waiting for his queue at BPI for opening an account.

The first money changer (I forgot the name) has a very low exchange rate. As per them, AED200.00 is equivalent to around Php 1480, I verify and clarify if that rate is for AED 200.00, and yes it is.

Wow! That’s too low, I am not sure if it’s really right.

Then I went to the next one which is the Villarica Pawnshop and Money Changer. Unfortunately, they don’t buy Dirhams.

My last try was in Palawan Express, great they do accept this currency. And they have a good rate as well, around Php 2200.00, so I proceeded.

I gave the money to the staff, and she checks it carefully. After a few minutes of checking, they returned it to me and they said they cannot accept it. The One hundred bill has a small tear.

I couldn’t believe how strict they are, it is not even visible.

They advise me to check with other money changers as they cannot do anything for me.

Due to queuing in BPI for almost 3 hours under the sun, my energy was not enough to walk around and look for another one. Maybe I will try next time, SM money exchange might accept it.


Dear OFW, my advice if you are coming home soon take care of your Dirhams literally. Make sure it doesn’t have even slightest tear. Mine was not even visible unless you will grasp and feel it with your fingertip on each side.

Dirhams to Pesos

Encircled the tear I was referring to.

Exchanging of Dirhams to Pesos locally is a bit complicated, best is to exchange it to Dollar while abroad or send it to your local bank, or money transfer.


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