Easy menu for busy working but sometimes lazy lady like me (Menu 01: Shrimp Pasta with Broccoli)

I am an expat with a full time work in this bustling city of Dubai, I admit sometimes I am not good in balancing my time specially in doing my first and most important career which is being a wife in the sense of preparing quality and good food for my hubby.

He know’s I am trying but maybe cooking is not really my specialty, I am good at house chores (believe me) cleaning, organizing, ironing & washing clothes I know how to prioritize all of these tasks. But sad to say when it comes to cooking it seems I need to convince my self that I have to cook, and I need to do it.

I am not literally zero knowledge in cooking in fact my father’s side family are bunch of cooks and bakers, and my two brothers are good in cooking and experimenting various cuisines, maybe I just need to love it and put a little more effort on doing that.

So I decided to use this blog for me to be inspired in preparing our dish, I would share you guys my simple and easy to prepare menu. Yes, it should be simple and practical which is very ideal for busy working lady but sometimes lazy like me:)

Menu 01: Pinayexpat style Shrimp pasta with broccoli


(Cooking oil, cup of spicy banana ketchup, salt & pepper,pasta)

(Garlic, onion, tomatoes,broccoli & shrimp)

My simple methodology:

  1. Heat the oil in frying pan
  2. Saute the garlic followed by the onions
  3. When it is a bit golden brown, put the tomatoes till it is overly cooked then add half cup of water
  4. Pour on the ketchup, salt & pepper adjust according to your taste preference
  5. When you are fine with the sauce thickness and taste placed the cooked shrimp, gently mix it, so the shrimp will absorbs the sauce
  6. Then put the washed broccoli, cover it for 4-5 minutes and here you go, you have now your sauce, pour it in the cooked pasta and enjoy

While waiting for the sauce, I boiled the pasta for about 2-3 minutes & fried the shrimp in separate pan (but if you don’t preferred fried, you can place the uncooked shrimp with the sauce to boil)

The result (hahaha look like an “ulam”) dual purpose can be partner with steam rice or pasta

I need to be firm, this is sauce for the pasta so I should prepared it according to the plan 🙂

In fairness, my hubby ate it without any complaint 🙂 bonafetti

Preparation time :  

30 minutes

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