Easy menu for busy working but sometimes lazy lady like me (Menu 03: Bagoong+Fried Fish with Okra)

We’ve been dining out for the last few weekends and I know it is not always good.

So for a change, I prepare a home cooked dinner for miw and I. Don’t expect any special on this guys 🙂 it is the easiest menu that all of us can do, none other than the “province style” fried fish with vegetable on the side and the bagoong.

Menu 03: Fried mackerel fish & okra + spicy bagoong

Bagoong Ingredients

(Cooking oil, onion, garlic, tomato, chili, pepper, salt, sugar, calamansi, bagoong)


  1. Heat the oil in frying pan
  2. Saute the garlic followed by onions
  3. When it is a bit golden brown, put the tomatoes till it is over cooked
  4. Then put the bagoong (I mixed the sauteed & salted shrimp fry)
  5. Put the chili, and few drops of calamansi
  6. Put a small amount of water then adjust the taste by adding salt, pepper, and sugar
  7. Cook it for another 5 minutes

While cooking the shrimp paste, I am also preparing the fish to fry, I rubbed a salt all over the cleaned fish then placed it in the pan with hot oil

–The shrimps are for decoration only 🙂 I will be cooking it maybe tomorrow–

Since my miw and I love veggies I steamed few okras as well.

And presenting our humble dinner for tonight.

-Over fried mackerel fish-

-Spicy shrimp paste nice combination for our fried fish-

-Steamed Okra-

You will not believe guys how much rice we ate tonight… but we are so full. Enjoy your meal 🙂

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