90 days Dubai Visa Update Which has been Temporarily Stopped

Many Filipinos panicked about the 90 days Dubai visa which has been temporarily stopped.

I received many emails clarifying this issue, as I advised to them to better call their trusted travel agency to clear up this matter, as I only shared the experience I encountered for my brother in law visa application.

90days visas for filipino still banned

This morning, when I opened the social media account, I saw a post that 90 days visa issuance is back again and can be applied.
I am a bit confused and somehow feel disappointed, as my application for the 30 days visa is already released and he is already back in Dubai.

So, I called my travel agent (Talent Tourism) to reconfirm what is really the update for this dilemma, and up to now they are still not accepting any applications for this visa type till further notice.

I trust this agent so much as all my visa purchases for my families are done with them, I am satisfied with their service and because of that I recommended few friends to get their visa from them, and I didn’t face any problem so far. But to be fair and to get another information, again I called few travel agencies to inquire if they can provide me a 3 months visa, I told them that I need to apply for my brother who went to an exit, and so far I didn’t get any positive result from them.

This article is posted not to create any confusion but only information that might help my fellow Filipino OFW who are planning to get a 3 months visa for their love ones.
Once again, deal with your trusted travel agent and ensure with them if they can issue it, and I do appreciate if you can advise me too.

Travel Agencies I contacted are:

Al Rais Travel
Dubai Link
Tabeer Tourism
Rayna Tours
Rio Travels
Talent Tourism

If you know any agencies that can able to provide 90days visa/tourist for Dubai please suggest/comment below! Thank you

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