Ednas Beach Campsite Batangas

Ednas Beach Campsite Calatagan Batangas

Each one of us need a vacation once in a while, we deserve a time to breathe and energize from our busy daily life.

However due to the current economic crisis,even a simple vacation is a challenge for some. What might be the top reasons in delaying your break? If budget is your concern I’ve found one place that will give you the peace and calmness you deserve. A place where you can relax, meditate and appreciate everything you have in your life.

This is a simple beach resort in Calatagan Batangas that offers affordable accommodation in beach front.

Seeing this place proves me how beautiful the Philippines is!

Ednas’s Beach Campsite is one of the most known resort in Calatagan, what you will love in this resort is they offer Car Camping just beside the beach. It is very covenient as you don’t need to unpack your things to place in your camp site. All of your stuffs that you need time to time is just around you while you are relaxing under the sun.

Let me show you around the Edna’s Beach Campsite;

Road to the beach site

Their Kubo reception desk is just perfect for the province vibe.

Our long drive from Manila is all worth it, to experience this view.

Ednas Beach Campsite offers different type of accommodation, they have airconditioned cottages and fan room. However, I think nothing beats staying in a tent just beside the beach.

This is really an ideal place for your upcoming vacation, you don’t need to spend a lot as you can bring your own meal without any surcharge. And on top of that you can also cook here if you would like to. 

Area for washing your utensils, and if in case you forgot bringing your portable stove you can also cook here


None of the rooms include private toilet, but no worries their common shower area is clean. The staff are very active in maintaning and monitoring the cleanliness of the facilities.

For more activities Ednas’s Beach Campsite has a partnership as well with these boat for rent for island hopping.

So what are you waiting for, start planning now the vacation you deserve!

Are you curious of how much we paid for our quick vacation?

It is best to drop your inquiries to their facebook messenger, as the prices are subject to change. Don’t worry they are very active in replying with all their inquiries.

Disclaimer: this is our personal trip and no paid partnership involved.

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