Batangas private Island Hopping and Snorkeling

Our snorkeling and island hopping activity complete our staycation in Ednas Beach Campsite.

it’s been years the last time I went for snorkeling, and this one is very special as this is my first snorkeling with my husband.

At first I was hesitant to pursue snorkeling because we need to rent the boat privately due to none of the guest at that time are interested for island hopping. Due to my husband’s insistent we proceeded and paid for Php1800 that covers 2 hours island hoppping and snorkeling activity. We already have a set budget for this trip, but since he really want to do snorkeling, he paid for it separately. Who am I to decline the tempting offer, so babe what are you waiting for, lets start explore the ocean!

The first destination is what they called Little Boracay where you can find famous floating cottages of Calatagan, and few minutes from there we went a little bit farther for snorkeling.

At Little Boracay

Here you can see tons of floating cottages that is ideal for group, there are big cottages that can accomodate large group. The best concept is you can bring your own meal or some of cottages offers catering services.    

Another amazing thing you can see here is the many sellers who sells snacks, drinks and even ice cream. In case you forgot your wallet like us, don’t worry as they also accept Gcash as form of payment. Pinoys are really amazing right!?


Staying a while in the middle of ocea relaxes me, being close to nature is really the best cure for a tired soul.

However when I started dipping my eyes under the water to finally see some sea creatures, the view makes me sad. The corals looks unhealthy and dry, this is not what we expected to see. As per the boat guide it was the effect of illegal fishing way back then, currently the area is under a rehabilitation process. I hope soon its beauty will be back.

Despite what we saw I never regret of that we pursued our snorkeling. It even reminds us to help taking care of our earth even in simplest way.

This vacation might be so quick but we are very grateful that hubby and I allot this time for ourselves, we regain the peace that we want.

I am so excited for our next trip!


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