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Vintage cassettes tape for sale.

I am not sure if young ones know this thing…

Vintage cassettes tape collection

But for those teenagers of year ’90s are definitely familiar with this stuff. The moment I saw this from my mom’s collection, all my memories during my younger days flashbacks.

Having a cassette collection was very in demand at that time. During the school break or after class, locking myself in the room and listening to my favorite singer with my tapes was my favorite thing to do.

Vintage cassettes tape set


The words and rhythm are just touching in my innocent emotions.

My favorites OPM back then was the song of Freestyle, Parokya ni Edgar, Side A, and True Faith

Life back during the ’90s was so simple, the kids that time doesn’t need a WIFI to stay home. Just a good cassette player with few favorites tapes are enough for our “tambay” moment.

Seeing this collection makes me think, if only I could turn those days, I will also keep my favorites tapes like mom. I can’t remember how I lost it, or maybe I gave it to someone.

As far as I can recall our generation used cassettes tapes until 1999, while the CD was very expensive.

Anyway, that was a long time ago, trying to remember all the details gave me a headache. This is really a sign that those memories are more than a decade.

Let’s get back to my mom’s collection, she wants to let go of this now, not to move on from it but maybe this will be more useful for passionate vintage collectors.

In case one of you are interested to buy this set please message me at / 0915 3640611 along with your bid.

“OPM songs back then was the real, touching melodies for me – born on 1984

My mom’s Vintage Cassettes Tape consists of 8 artists;


Vintage cassettes tape Freddie Aguilar



Vintage cassettes tape Anthony Castillo


Vintage cassettes tape Sharon Cuneta






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