Time flies so fast, I’m already one month in the Philippines

OFW life in the Philippines

Time flies so fast, I haven’t notice that I am already here in the Philippines for exactly one month now.

It seems just yesterday that my life was revolving around the UAE. Now, I am here in my own land, fighting hard to start again.

During my first few days, I was busy arranging and unpacking my stuff. For now, hubby and I are staying at my parent’s house, traveling to Bicol (hubby’s town) is still hard due to quarantine protocols.

Our Major Agenda

Internet Set-Up

Hubby and I allotted some days in setting our things up. One of the major is applying for our own internet connection. My parent’s house has its own PLDT line but it is terribly slow. Joining with their line is impossible for strong internet users like hubby and me. Good internet connection is very important for our part-time online job, that is why this is one of the first things we did.

Base on our research, the most accessible internet connection we can have in our area is the Globe at Home Prepaid WIFI. Though this is not totally the best one, we bought the package, it is good enough for a start-up.

We bought this online at Php 999.00 (reloadable)

However, with this option having a continuous stable connection is a struggle. But with big and long patience, we can still finish some of our work.

Why we chose Prepaid instead of line connection?

My experience with PLDT customer service support was not good at all. Imagine our line is still not working till now despite my complaint has been sent to them since August 15. Prior to that, our line was already not connecting for 2 weeks. I feel that applying for a line connection is not a good option at all.


Bank Account Application

Unfortunately Hubby doesn’t have a bank account here in the Philippines. So he needs to bear the pain of long queue in applying for a bank account.

If we only know that applying here is not that easy, he should have done it in UAE like what I did for our savings account.

We went to BPI Bank twice and he wasn’t able to finish the process. First, he doesn’t have a 1×1 ID on hand and the second is we are not aware that we need to bring as well a Barangay certificate and Proof of billing.

The requirements instruction from the first branch we approached is not complete and clear at all.

The result is hubby wasn’t able to control himself to argue with the branch manager. Hubby explains to him that the instructions and website information were not clear and complete. And queuing for a minimum of 3 hours under the sun is not simple neither easy.

As compensation, the branch manager asks us to come back on Monday / August 24 and no longer need to take the queue.

OFW life in the Philippines form to que

OFW life in the Philippines

Despite a few hassles we experience in just a month of staying here, hubby and I openly accept the changes. We just need a little more time for full adjustment. Maybe we just used to the convenience of life in the UAE, everything there is quick and fast.

More than a decade of our absence from the Philippines will require hubby and me to give an effort to adapt to this change.
Hubby and I felt that as if we were sleeping for many years, and now are awake in the present time where most of the things and procedures are new.

So far, the major thing that we don’t like much in the long queue and process for everything. It seems one transaction takes one full day to finish, while the rest including the traffic is fine so far and bearable.

So if you are OFW set to for your homecoming any moment from abroad my advice is just ready your mind and self. everything will be ok.

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