I am the pen while my husband is the paper-2017&2018 escapades plan

Travelling is a good form of not just relaxation but this is a time for us to learn new things and to discover our self. For a married lady like me travels gives me a chance and my husband to strengthen our bond and to know each other deeper and at the same time to catch the times that we are not together. Though we are both in Dubai and living under the same roof, but it seems we don’t have a quality time spending together, both of us are always on the go and occupied of each work, we are trying hard to have fun at weekend but sometimes our energy is not permitting us to do so (sign of aging).

When it comes to traveling or exploration I am the PEN and my husband is the PAPER, I am the one who is in control where we will go and when we will go, while he is just following whatever I wrote on the paper :). I am not a bossy or manipulative wife, he is just a homebody type of guy and doesn’t know an ideal place to go. He prefers to stay at home doing his hobby, website design, programming etc, in short, he is the genius and I am the bully.

It seems we are really matched for each other:)

So, when he will open this blog he will see what will be our plans for the coming months and he will just laugh and OK up to you!

We want to travel but not to splurge money on it due to other priorities in life, below are the countries that on my pipeline.

1. Hongkong

 If we will be able to do it, this will be my 3rd time visiting this beautiful country and will be first for my hubby. I am planning to have our ticket to the Philippines via Cathay Pacific and have 3 days short trip to visit my brother who is working there, practicality 🙂

2. Philippines

My last vacation was December 2016 but I want to go home again, I miss my parents so much while my hubby last steps in our home country were 2012. We have a lot of plans in mind on where and when to go, I am excited for a long drive to their province. 

3. Georgia

I really want to go to Georgia this season to experience the cold snowy season, but my boss didn’t approve my vacation due to busy situations, so what I am planning is, to do it by Mid of November right after my Philippines vacation.

4. Egypt

Aside for passion of exploring breathtaking view of one country I am also interested in historical places, and I think Egypt is one of the easiest in terms of visa and budgetfriendly destination, I want to see the Pyramids

5. Jordan 

This is supposed to be on my number 01 list but I have to put it on the last, as per my review it is a bit expensive to travel this country. Flight from Dubai to Amman is a bit cheaper than to Egypt but the cost of expenses in the country is much higher especially if you would be visiting Petra, and I don’t want to go Jordan and missed the opportunity of exploring the Pink city Petra, so I think this destination would happen by late 2018.

6. Salalah Oman

I want to experience their Khareef Season where the surroundings are greenery, you will not think you are in the middle east.

I hope I would be able to fulfill these plans, writing my plans are effective for me as I am becoming eager to see the check mark in each list 🙂

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