When Dubai Based PinayExpat Meets The Prince of Kuwait (part 6)

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After few more test, the doctor confirmed that Anji’s sickness is really the Reynaud’s disease and no medicine to totally recover from it. But some advice can help to lessen its attack, like try to avoid a cold place or wear gloves if you are in cold area, as much as possible, to avoid any stressful situation whether it is from the work or personal matter. As per the doctor, most of the health problems in our generation are because of the stress.

Anji was so worried about her situations and couldn’t believe this is happening to her, she is not convinced on what the doctor told her. In her mind, she is fine and can manage the stress in life, but she was so wrong.

Money is always on her mind, thinking what she should do to be financially stable and she is very irritated that she got this health issue which addends to her expenses.

Her family are worried about her and they ask her to come home and have second medical opinion at the Philippines and not to return in Dubai, anyways as per Dave he is planning to arrange her paper soon

At first, Anji is hesitated to have a treatment in the Philippines because of the financial reasons, she knows it would be hard for her to go for medication while not having a job, though Dave informed her that he will help her but Anji is unsure and not fully confident.

Kay is a bit worried as well to Anji’s situation, she noticed that something has been changed to her friend lately but she couldn’t figure out what would that be.

Kay, maybe I will consider mom’s suggestion to resign and have a second opinion in our doctor back home, I really feel exhausted and I can feel my body is getting weak, you know there are times I see and feel something weird on me and I can hear some voice.

Why don’t you just file a leave for 2 months and after that if everything would be alright at least you can still come back and guarantee that there is a job waiting for you maybe you are just getting stressed.

   I am not sure Kay, I will think about it.

Few days passed, Kay noticed that Anji looks so tired and her pretty and always fresh looking face now looks pale, haggard and a bit matured, she asked Anji if she is fine.

 I am OK but recently I couldn’t sleep, there are nights I am counting the stars at the balcony for me to feel sleepy but still, I couldn’t sleep at all.

Finally, Anji decided to resigned and went back to the Philippines, her communications with Kay is still continuing through chat or skype that’s why Kay is still aware of her situations.

One day, Kay received a message from Anji how sad and worried she is, her father has been involved in a fight from his work, a physical fight that results in a serious bone fracture and leads to termination. His father has few savings and the company is a bit kind to give him an end of service gratuity as a consideration, but not in full because of what had happened, which is supposed to be he is not entitled anymore.

His father has small savings but not enough to sustain educations of 3 more students, plus one burden medical expenses of Anji.

Though her family is not complaining to her directly she feels that she is becoming a burden to them, she feels useless that she cannot help them financially. She tried to find work in her place but finding a work with a good salary is a bit tough.

 Kay, what should I do I feel so devastated, my medications treatment is a bit expensive and now my dad lose his job. I feel that all my dreams are getting hard to get, Dave is helping but the amount is not that much.

Every time that Kay is having a chance to chat with Anji all the things that she heard are Anji’s complaints in life especially on the financial part, Kay tried to help Anji, she informed all their workmates in Anji’s situation and if they can help her even a small amount, combinedthat would be a big help if thcombineit. When she collected all the money, she sent it to Anji, it is a small amount but at least can help her in some ways.

Anji is grateful for what they had done for her, she said once she is fine, she will come back to Dubai and will return back all their help to her.

   Don’t think about it Anji, just don’t stress yourself and hope you will be better soon, Kay said.

Few months passed, Anji’s situation is getting worse the doctor finds out that she has lupus, far from her imaginations this will happen to her. She didn’t know that the Reynaud’s disease is a symptom having lupus.

How is this happening to me? I am still young to experience all these problems….. how can I help and fulfill my parent’s dream…. if these would be worse, do Dave would still like or love me?, these are the thoughts of  Anji, she has been starting to avoid some of her friends and become a loner.

While Anji’s mom is so stressed on what’s happening to her family, the persons she is hoping to help her financially are now incapacitated, though she is not complaining directly to Anji and her dad, Anji feels it.

Kay feels sorry for her friend, she knows what Anji is going through as their communications still continue Anji is sick physically and she feels that she is also sick emotionally. Kay is trying her best to comfort Anji and make her strong, she is trying to motivate her so the girl she knew who is very positive in life to fight and be positive again.

One day, Kay saw a post in Anji’s social media account that makes her feel something is wrong with her, she called her and ask her to talk in skype

While having the conversation, Kay is a bit nervous on the flow of their conversation, it seems Anji is totally fine and no problem in life at all, the girl that she had just talked with for the last few months who is so stressed, depressed and problematic suddenly changed. Kay supposed to be happy as Anji seems alright but she feels there is something to be worried about.

 Hi Kay, how are you?

Hi Anj, I am fine still the same, it is my off today and I didn’t go out, sorry if I wasn’t able to call you for the last months as I am a bit busy with some things. So how are you now, I hope you feel better!

 It is fine, yeah I am OK. I am out the whole day and so busy, thanks for your call, Anji answered.

That’s good to hear, good you have internet in your mobile at least we can do skype call to save, Kay teased Anji.

No, I am in a coffee shop, there is free WIFI for customers. Actually, I was waiting for someone since morning but until now she is not yet here, glad you called.

Oh, I see, you are waiting for a friend?

 No, I have a meeting with this agent I spoke last time, as I am planning to buy a condominium, I want to move out from the house I feel so stressed in that place and I missed being independent like what I used to be in Dubai. 

Kay is thinking like this way, oooh seems she has a lot of money maybe Dave would be the one to pay it.

Wow! a condominium you will really purchase a condo?

Yeah Kay, I think this would be better for me to stay alone, actually this morning I roamed around the store and saw a lot of things that I am planning to buy for my condo. I already chose the sofa, furniture and some appliances. I hope when you have your vacation you can drop by, maybe next month I will be moving there. You will definitely enjoy in my future place, it has gym and swimming pool!you will love it. I will prepare the cookies that I am always baking oooooh I really love the oven that I am planning to buy, my kitchen would be really awesome, I will make sure to complete it with all the baking & cooking tools.

Really? Kay commented to Anji but unsure on what is happening.

Yes, just let me know when you will come home.

 Ok, Anj so….. hows your health are you fine now?

I am fine don’t worry about me, the Lord healed me, I went to this priest last time and he told me that I am cured because of my faith.

Kay feels goose bumps on their conversation but she still continues talking to Anji.

Actually, Kay, don’t tell this to anyone, promise me you will not tell this to any one, Anji said to Kay whispering….

Tell me what it is?

I am planning to visit in Dubai, when everything are settled with my new place I will process the documentations to go there, Anji said excitedly

Then why are you planning to buy the condo if you will be working here again? Kay asked Anji

 No…. Kay…. I will just go for tour, to see some of our friends and to thank you all for all the help you had given me when I was sick you will be just surprise one day I am there!!!

Anji, don’t think about it, we help you because you are our friend, don’t waste your money just to come here.

It is fine Kay, don’t worry about the money, promise I will treat you, tell me where do you want to go, we will have fun and enjoy. I am always telling you my dreams to be financially stable and because of my faith with the lord, I achieved it!! but sadly Dave is jealous of the guy who gave me money to buy the condo and to buy my ticket to Dubai.

Ohhh it is not Dave? who is that guy?

Anji whispered again in the line once more, and this time Kay dropped her jaw and convinced something is seriously wrong.

The guy that looking for me for a long time, he is looking for me all the time in his life and dreams….and he finally finds me….the prince of Kuwait Kay… Anji whispered.

 The End

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