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IKEA is known for manufacturing a multi function furniture pieces from stool, couch, cabinets and a lot more. If you are struggling thinking a great design for your tiny place IKEA website is just one click away and you can get from there many ideas in making your small area into livable and very functional space.

When I was living abroad for many years IKEA is one of my go to store everytime I need to buy affordable home stuff. From the moment I decided retiring working abroad I know that IKEA store is one of the place that I will miss a lot.

I know many OFW who knows IKEA understands what I meant.

Thankfully my favorite store finally opens it branch here in the Philippines. And who would have thought they will launch one of their biggest store here. Since they have many beautiful items for kitchen, living room and bedroom that has affordable price IKEA became one of the favorite of many local too.

Aside from their beautiful stuff, their swedish restaurant is one of the pinoys happy places too. The jump packed food court is a proof that pinoy are enjoying the food option here in Ikea.

Ohhh I miss this so much! finally after two years I’ve got to experience again the meal that I always order in IKEA when I was living abroad

Let me share you my simple and top favorites IKEA meal.

Salmon with mashed potato and broccoli

You will surely love this mushroom soup

Yummy chocolate cake

The famous meat balls with mashed potato

carrot cake

unlimited coffee and softdrinks

Though I miss the ambiance of IKEA this is not the main reason why I decided to drive far up to this area. This day is actually for my mom it was my rest day and I know she will enjoy roaming around here. She been to IKEA asia before but its just a section from a department store, and this is her first time to see the actual IKEA store with all those model space.

Another enjoyable thing you can do in IKEA is to Imagine and Play. You can imagine seeing yourself that one day you will have this beautiful kitchen or bedroom too. This will inspire you to work hard and achieve that goal

The classy food court.


We finished our meal almost closing time, thats the reason why you can see this empty tables. Earlier you cannot imagine how full this place was.

Free locker to keep your things

Haven’t you visit IKEA yet?  try it and for sure you will like it too.


Parking: You can park it with the SM MOA paid parking with a flat fee of Php50.00

Food court also honor Senior and PWD’s discount.

IKEA Dubai

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