The Indian Guy Influence to my Husband about Jewelry

The Indian Guy Influence to my Husband about Jewelry

I remember while I was growing up, my mom always gives me a gift, not because we are rich or came from a well-off family. In fact, like what I mentioned in my previous blog, our family is the modern Filipino Family. Not broken but not complete!

My mom was a hardworking OFW and for her, the best she can do is to regularly have a one-month vacation every two years, of course, to shower us with gifts.

The advantage of being the only daughter, she always gave me jewelry as her presents.

During those times I don’t appreciate those pieces of jewelry so much.

I don’t even know how valuable those are. It is just in a place in my drawer and using it if there are any special occasions.

Unfortunately, I misplace my jewelries when I was in college.  I only found out that it was not in my drawer anymore after our house renovation.

Try to imagine my mom’s reaction then.

Anyways, this blog is not about the drama of my punishments.
Instead, it is about how I appreciate and value jewelry when I grew up. My appreciation for Jewelry had evolved. I realize now why she reacts that way. My interest in jewelry starts in late 2012. It was when my husband influences me.

My husband doesn’t have any interest in this stuff either. But his Indian colleagues influence him until he saw himself having an interest in jewelry investment.

He noticed that his Indian officemate’s attitude during salary day is very different from Filipino habits.

They prefer to allot part of their salary to invest in gold than buying the usual stuff like clothes, shoes, or gadgets. His officemates’influences him invest even little amount in gold, rather than that stuff losing the value. And that is how his jewelry interests start.

From then, every time my husband has extra money he would buy me even simple jewelry.

My simple collection

Below are some of the simple cute necklaces I got as a gift from my husband.

(Note: this post intention is just to share and inspire not to brag.)

jewelry necklace

This is the first necklace I got from hubby. A simple and common necklace with a heart pendant.


Here in Dubai, gold shops are everywhere. It is easy to buy gold here as most of the shops are not just giving a great price but with installment options.

When we bought our first jewelry in the Damas store, the sales executive told us that in case we want to buy next time, we can reserve the item with minimal down payment and then pay it in a monthly installment plan. Once fully paid we can get the item. That option is flexible and easier for those who plan to start investing in jewelry, but not capable to pay one time in full.

That offer is convincing!

And after a few months, we came back to reserve this cute necklace (limited edition)

 jewelry dragonfly

Most of the time, this necklace with dragonfly pendant is the design I am always using. For me, this so pretty, most of my friends always compliment it.

As far I remember we paid it for almost 6 months. The installment option gives us the motivation to make sure that we will keep a portion of our salary for this saving.

My husband and I call our gold purchasing as our –gold goal project. We set a specific target to reach because it seems we forgot the word saving after our marriage.

Jewelry investing is very rewarding, you have the chance of having investments and at the same time having fun of using it.

If you notice, my chosen necklaces designs are simple and not extravagant. It is perfect for everyday use.

The moment we finished paying for our Dragonfly necklace, we take the below.

What I like about this design, is the pearl accent. It reminds me of my country being the pearl of the orient seas

This design is a perfect match for any of my outfits, the only problem is its lock which is a bit hard to use.

jewelry heart shape pendant

From Jawhara Jewelry

While this pinkish butterfly necklace was paid in full. The thinnest chain piece I have. The price is not more than AED 500.00

We bought this one in Jawhara Jewelry shop almost a year ago, so far the last necklace we purchased.

jewelry butterfly

This necklace looks applicable to the young lady when in the photo. But in-person it looks fine. We took it as the pinkish color is too tempting for me.

From Damas Store

While these three are all bought from Damas.

I realize while doing this blog I have consistency in choosing a pendant design. All of it seems to have similarities. But while choosing a design at the store, I am not realizing it.

But it is fine, all of them looks cute to me

—Dragon Fly and Butterfly—

—Heart to Heart—


In case you would be in the interest of adding a few pieces to your collection, I suggest only buy in a reputable jewelry store.

I have an experience that my friend bought jewelry in Satwa and when she shows it to the pawnshop in the Philippines it was fake. She cannot recall anymore which shop it was, during that time she purchased several pieces from different stores and unfortunately, one from it is fake, so be careful guys.

Note: All the above jewelry was sold in 2019 when we faced some financial difficulties. That amount helps us a lot.


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