First ever surprise gift received from hubby after 7 years.

Time flies so fast I can’t imagine that we had reached our seven years together. Hubby and I have been together for 7 years in total including our girlfriend & boyfriend relationship.

Sounds cheesy but we used to greet each other normally on our monthsarry.

In total, we are in our 84th months 🙂

Unexpectedly I received a gift from him. It is a surprise not because he barely gives me gifts but I always know what he will give me as he always asks me what gift I want.

He doesn’t like to buy things that he is not sure if I really like. This is the first time he bought not asking my thoughts.

Though he knows that I will appreciate it but he wanted to be sure he really knows girls attitude.

Anyways the watch is from Skagen brand.

He was planning to buy a watch from the brand which is familiar to him such as Timex, DKNY, Lacoste etc. But the sales agent recommend him the Skagen brand.

 At first, he was hesitant as he doesn’t know this brand the sales agent teases him that he is out out-dated. She assures him that I would love it.

Though I am not aware as well with this brand as I am not a fan of watch the sales agent is right that I will appreciate it. I really love the simplicity design and I don’t need to worry if its fit on me as the bracelet is adjustable.


I really don’t have any idea what inside the box. It was wrapped with pink gift wrapper forgot to take a photo of it. He asks me to guess it I thought it is a perfume 🙂

The packaging

The packaging

Love it :) simple but elegant

The spoiled wife love it ! simple and elegant.

Thank you so much for this precious gift and most especially for not expecting anything from me 🙂

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