JOB HIRING DUBAI: 5 stars hotel – Hostess

JOB HIRING DUBAI: 5 stars hotel – Hostess

JOB HIRING DUBAI: 5 stars hotel – Hostess

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Position: Hostess

Company: Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai

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Job Role:

  • Represent the outlet with a genuine smile and greetings at the reception.
  • Display friendly and pleasant attitude towards guests and colleagues.
  • To set up the host/hostess stand, review the reservation book and make recommendations as to the setup of the room.
  • To open the restaurant for business at the prescribed time each shift.
  • To inspect the cleanliness of each section of the dining room and make necessary improvements as well as check each table prior to opening to ensure its proper set.
  • To pick up the daily menus and insert them properly in their covers.
  • To inspect every menu and list to ensure their immaculate condition and appearance.
  • To develop a complete working knowledge of the menus, menu ingredients, and what is unavailable for the day.
  • To assign seating taking into account service standards.
  • To know the server stations, their daily assignments, their personal timing patterns, and their maximum workload capacity.
  • To maintain a station chart and cover count for the restaurant
  • To be fully capable of working with an open table system.
  • To ensure each guest receives the highest quality of service.
  • Ensuring maximum flexibility and support extended for any guest request
  • To greet each guest promptly, courteously, graciously with eye contact, a smile, and good posture.
  • Ensure fondly bid farewell to every customer that departs the restaurant and invite them back
  • To handle guests without reservations or those waiting for others to join them.
  • To handle lost and found items.
  • To seat reservations promptly at a table pre-set for the number in the party.
  • To check the guest's coats or packages when necessary.
  • Ensure all guests are explained of the buffet set up and offer further assistance.
  • To address guests by name whenever possible.
  • To address guest dissatisfaction immediately and inform the manager of the action taken.
  • To answer telephones according to standards and take reservations or provide information regarding the restaurant or any other hotel service.
  • To anticipate the needs of guests while scanning the room constantly.
  • To respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.
  • To perform other tasks or projects as assigned by hotel management.
  • To identify potential problems and ask for assistance before a breakdown occurs.
  • To provide lateral service within the hotel whenever needed.
  • To support the service when required.
  • Coordinate and respect the decisions of the team leader.
  • Collect guest preferences and communicate to all relevant teams.
  • Maintain notice boards and files in the department.
  • Check menus for cleanliness and quality.
  • Keeps all documents well updated.
  • Monitor reservations and act accordingly. (Special occasions, cancellations, vouchers, and others)
  • Call guests if required to confirm reservations.
  • Coordinate with restaurant reservations if any changes have appeared in epicure that may affect the operation.
  • Support and assist the service team for additional tasks.
  • Ensure side stations, menus, magazines, and the hostess desk is clean and tidy before closing the shift.


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Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai

Job Information

Status: Open Job type: Full Time Years of experience: 1 Salary: Negotiable Publish date: 30 Aug 2020

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