Kuya J Restaurant please be in Dubai

What food do you miss most from the Philippines?

In terms of Filipino food options, I always say that UAE/Dubai has it all.

That’s what I thought before I tried the Kuya J Restaurant in the Philippines one month back. Staring at the photos of the foods we had during our last family dinner makes me crave for that.

It has a distinct taste that you will love. I always heard this food hub from mom before, but I am not paying attention to it every time I am in the Philippines. As I always think that I don’t miss any Philippines dishes as Dubai has a lot of Filipino restaurants to offer such as Max’s, Barrio Fiesta, Chowking, Jollibee, Mang Inasal and more!

But then, now I would say I have something to crave for from the Philippines.

Below are the simple dishes we dig in. All are great, tasty for me.

Kuya J restaurant dynamite
Chorizo Dinamitas (Deep-fried pastry-wrapped
jalapenos with Cebu chorizo and cheddar cheese)
Bicol Express (as a Bicolano’s wife I shouldn’t
missed this. Ginisang karneng baboy with
chillies, spices, and rich coconut)
Sinigang na Bangus (Home-cooked sinigang na bangus
served with green vegetables)
Kuya J restaurant pakbet
Pinakbet (yummy and healthy)
Relyenong Talong (The Filipino Omelet! pan-fried
inihaw na talong with egg, fresh tomatoes,
and cheese)
All sets waiting for them to arrive
we really limit the food options as we don’t want papa to feel
deprived for those food he used to be his favorite, but
not allowed for the moment.
Kuya J restaurant halo halo
Halo-Halo Espesyal
my description is only OMG love it!

Till my next trip Kuya J restaurant

The reasons of my Philippines’ trip, to be with these two!

Location: SM San Mateo Rizal

Ambiance: spacious, clean, ideal for gatherings.

Kuya J restaurant ambiance

Staff: they are accommodating and polite.

Service: I was surprised that I didn’t notice we got our order quickly. I was actually preparing that it would take time like what mom says. But then the service was great and commendable.

Thanks for dropping by!

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