Teriyaki Boy Restaurant Spicy Ramen Noodles to enjoy

Teriyaki Boy Restaurant a good food hub to have your Japanese food craving without digging your pocket. Try it!

They serve great selections of Japanese food at a reasonable price. From salad, rolls, sushi, ramen, teriyaki, and more.

I was there last week to have a good dinner to enjoy with my Dubai family.

While selections are overwhelming it didn’t distract me on what I really want to try in.

With the crazy weather for the past days, a bowl of ramen will definitely be a great choice. It really cures my blue mood.

My beef spicy ramen though not that really spicy.

For my Bro
Teriyaki Boy Restaurant Chicken Katsu

Chicken Katsu

While their macha smoothies with the purple on the side (I forgot the word) was really good.

Teriyaki Boy Restaurant Macha Shake

I am actually imagining that as of this time, really quenched my sweet drinks craving.

Teriyaki Boy Restaurant Ramen

Location: Burjuman Centre – Dubai

Teriyaki Boy Restaurant Ambiance: It was full during the weekend, while the set up is just a normal restaurant. Nothing to excite about the interior just enjoy your meal 🙂

Teriyaki Boy Restaurant

Staff: Mostly are Filipinos, staff who assisted us are friendly and approachable (sorry I forgot your name dear)

Service: Fair enough

I didn’t explore the place so much but I think they have as well a partner restaurant that serves steak and sizzling meals.

Enjoy your food trip!

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