SiblingsLove will be forever, our unexpected reunion.

Siblings may fight but will never be apart, love will always be there.

Our sibling/s are the people we grew up with, and the first group we had. The guys who knows our history from the start.

Laughter, fun, and adventurous experiences growing up are the memories that is good to look back.

However, growing up with siblings are not always a happy one. Sometimes, the most memories we had are our never ending fights.

Throwing of curses and harsh words to one another may seems normal. It maybe due to petty or serious reasons but one thing is for sure we were young that moment. Immature and never think seriously the impact of our actions in future.

When siblings grow old, matured and learn the value of family they will realize how happy to have a brother and sister to rely on.

And that what I exactly felt during the first stage our family face the biggest trial in our lives. The time that papa diagnosed of colon cancer. As I’ve shared in my initial blog I was the only one who is in position to be with papa during his operation. My two brothers are working as well overseas and they are not yet entitle with the vacation in early 2020.

But due to call of love for our papa, and to show support for me, they all came home.

We are all emotional and surprised that day.

I remember one night prior their arrival I was feeling sick and too tired because of many sleepless nights. My back was so painful, I was thinking if I can last for 5 days more in hospital. No chance to go home for me to rest as I need to accompany mama, no one to relieve me.

Thankfully their bosses are good enough to understand this family crisis. Seeing them give me strenght and help me in practial way.

Our unexpected reunion really helps papa to be happy and stay positive to fight his battle.

More than the financial support, he was very happy to see all his kids travel afar just to see him and comfort him.

In this situation I realized that brother and sister may fight countless time, despite that their love for each other will always be there.

They are the one who will support you in all the way they can, especially during hard time.

So for all  of young ones with siblings, love each other. Build a strong relationship with the foundation of love. Your brother and sister will not only be the first group you will have growing up, they will be always part of your lives till the end.

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