Loboc River Bohol their playground while paradise for some

Loboc River is one of the major tourist destinations in the province of Bohol.

With a lot of photos and video clips I saw online I knew that Loboc River is really a beautiful tourist attraction here in the Philippines. Still, I never thought that personally seeing it live will give me a little tears in my eyes. It is a tears of joy because of the overwhelming feeling that I couldn’t believe how amazing this place would be.

The river is so peaceful, calm, clear and ambiance is so relaxing.

My Loboc River Cruise Experience

I recently have my quick vacation at Bohol and a memorable Loboc River cruise experience last March 26, 2024. It was was part of my Bohol Countryside tour (joiner option) that cost Php 600.00 and to experience the Loboc River Cruise while having a Filipino dish buffet lunch you just have to  add Php 850.00 for this activity, to be paid directly at the Loboc Cruise desk.

This cruise concept reminds me of a Dhow Cruise activity when I was still working in Middle East, that cruise will show you the beauty of its City while having your dinner. While Loboc River Cruise will give you the experience of seeing one of the best natural sceneries in the Philippines.

During the cruise you will enjoy sumptous lunch while listening a good music with their live band.
But if you are like me who want to feel the scenery quietly, don’t worry as the band give silent time as well
so the guests can just peacefully enjoy the view.

Some of the foods they served are barbeque, fish, shrimps and one of the best I tried is their crispy pork lechon. To end your lunch there variety of Filipino desserts as well

Tinikling Dance

In addition to the cruise experience, there are local artist performers as well that will show you the traditional folk dance of the Philippines. One of their famous dance is the tinikling.

Tinikling dance – is a traditional Philippine folk dance which originated prior to Spanish colonialism. The dance involves at least two people beating, tapping, and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers who step over in between the poles in a dance.

The cruise will last about one and half hour, during those hours you will see a lot of kids playing at the river, jumping from the bridge or from the tree. Sounds scary but they are actually enjoying their time. it’s so nice to see those kids innocently playing not even realizing their place is just like a dream for most of us. Unlike them, most of us have to work hard and save, plan well our journey to see the place they consider their playgrounds.


If you are a foreigner planning to visit Philippines and are still thinking places to go to, you may want to include Bohol on your itinerary and with a lot of activities you can do here I am sure that will you will really enjoy your stay here.

And for all pinoy/pinay who doesn’t been in Bohol yet I hope that you too can have the chance to see and experience this paradise, with the beautiful sceneries here you will appreciate how amazing our country is.



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