Lost Plate Number in Dubai

Lost Plate Number in Dubai what should you do

Have you experienced losing your car plate number in Dubai? sounds uncommon but it is unavoidable.

Losing a car plate number can happen accidentally, like what just happened to me a while ago.

I didn’t notice how and when it exactly occurs.  All I remember was something hit my bumper while driving at Fujairah Road with a heavy sand storm.

Lost Plate Number in Dubai front

That is frustrating especially in this situation.  Another unplanned expense in this crisis, adding the super hot weather.

I am not sure what is the easiest way to fix this matter. Should I go to Police Station or RTA? totally clueless.

Thankfully, The Dubai Police Portal has complete details of all the information and steps needed.

Lost Car Plate Number in Dubai process was so easy.
  1. You can do it from your laptop, but it is suggested to download the app of  Dubai Police on your mobile.
  2. Click the “services”
  3. Go to category and permit,  choose “lost item certificate”
  4. choose official document
  5. type all your details, and the exact information of the lost item
  6. Emirates ID, Mulkiya details should be fill
  7. Once all are filled up, you will need to pay AED70.00 using a credit card or debit card. After paying successfully,  you will receive a receipt of payment to your email

8. Then you will get another email the following day, the PDF file of Police report which you need to bring in the RTA office to get your new plate car. (Lost Car Plate Number in Dubai)


9. At the RTA you need to pay for the new placard, printing, and sticker. Price varies depends on the plate number size. For me, with this size, I paid a total amount of AED 210.00 for the 2 plates. They required me to change the backplate as well, as it is still the old style. As per the officer who assisted me, the front and backplate number design should be the same.

Lost Plate Number in Dubai - back

Note: Before going to the RTA office, better call them, and verify if they do the plate printing. Not all RTA branches do this service.

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