Dubai will resume be responsible

Dubai will resume to normal operations, let’s be responsible

Dubai will resume the business operations on normal by May 27, 2020. Mall and restaurant timing will be from 10:00 am till 10:00 pm, this news brings hope to many Expat that they will be back to work again in their respective jobs.

Despite this news, residents should be careful and follow all the safety guidelines.

UAE Government is doing its best way to beat this pandemic and ensuring the resident’s safety. As a citizen, let us do our part as well by being good followers and respectful to all protocols.

With this back to normal hours, it is expected that many people will be out. We can anticipate that there is a percentage of people who will be careless and inconsiderate. Let the authorize personnel handles them, while on our part, let us just do the things we have to do.

As much as we can let us still Stay at Home if there are no important things we need to do outside. In case there is no choice but to be out,

let us  always remember the basic;
  • Social distancing
  • Avoid crowded area
  • Limit the meetup and gathering as much as possible

Dubai will resume practice social distanceDubai will resume use sanitizer

  • Never forget to wear your face mask
  • Sanitizers, alcohol should be part of your essentials
  • Better to always bring your own utensils too such as spoon, fork, and glass


And as the new normal, once we reach home to make sure to clean up well before proceeding to our areas.

These things are common and basic but a good reminder for everyone’ s safety.

Doing the above will not be a hundred percent protection that we will be free from viruses, but at least it will lessen the possibility.

In this crucial time, our small act of responsibility is a big help for everyone.

The world’s current situation is totally different from before, it is hard and saddening. We can’t do anything so far while waiting for the solutions but to remain positive in life that all will be better.

Best key for survival is to Adapt and Adjust

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