I just sold my car, steps in selling second hand car in Dubai

After 13 years of living in the UAE, we are going home. Our exit preparation:

Hard to say goodbye, but selling her is the best and practical decision at this time. Yes, I just sold my beloved car. Some will think it is shallow but there was a little pinch in my heart that day.

steps in selling second hand car in Dubai

I had a lot of good memories from that car, from her I would say I master the road and driving skills in Dubai.

But like many ex-pats who own a car and will be exiting from this place, finalizing selling your car is a must.

Like what I’ve shared in this article, steps in selling a second-hand car in Dubai is easy. If you don’t have any idea feel free to continue reading.

Steps in selling second-hand car in Dubai:

Car loan clearance

If your car was through bank financing, make sure to get the clearance if the loan was completed.

Like in my case, we didn’t prioritize processing its clearance despite it has been paid 2 years back. We kept it pending that long as we were lazy to go to the bank and never think that this situation will come.

You need to go to the branch to get the clearance, this cannot be done online or by calling. The fee is AED150.00 (Rak Bank). Processing it from the bank will take only a few minutes.

Car Condition

This is important as you need to be confident that your car will pass the RTA expectation.

Better to ensure that your car is in good condition before proceeding in the car Testing part. This will avoid you wasting the testing fee of AED 170.00

And base on the car condition you can now advertise your selling price.

Looking for buyer

Looking for a good buyer is the tough one than the documentation. Before advertising your price, it is better to check different car prices in the market so you know where your car stands. You can check it from Dubizzle, Facebook, or any other car selling website.

If you don’t want to face the same hassle I’ve been through, you can sell it through many agencies who buy second-hand cars. But with this option, you cannot expect to get a higher selling price as they have commissions as well. This is only advisable for those who are in rush and running out of time.

But if you are willing to do the negotiations and full process, you can post your ads through Facebook. There are lots of groups in FB who are looking for a second-hand car, just try to avoid those freelance agents to save the commission.

Meet up

Bring enough patience on the day you will show the car to the prospective buyer as for sure there will be a new negotiations to happen. But, that is part of this scenario.

During this day make sure that all your documents are ready, as the inquirer might finalize buying it on the spot.

Prepare your Mulkiya, Emirates ID, and Driver’s license.


Once you agreed with the buyer to do the transfer you can now proceed to the nearest TASJEEL.

  • Proceed to the counter to get your Que number for car testing
  • Once testing is fine, they will give you a printed certificate; pass or fail  (Testing fee is AED170.00)
  • After the car testing the new owner will process the new car insurance (in Insurance counter). The new owner must present his/her Emirates ID and Driving license, from the seller ready the Mulkiya, Emirates ID and Driving License
  • Buyer will bear the Insurance cost
  • After that, proceed to the car registration section to process the transfer. If the seller has existing traffic fines with that car, it should be paid on the spot.
  • Then, they will issue the new plate number
  • Don’t forget to collect the buyer’s payment 🙂
  • And that’s it, the car is now officially under the new owner’s name

Hope the above helps you guys!

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