Maldives – a tropical paradise

A paradise that I only saw in photos, experience through story šŸ™‚

Yes, my loving husband explored this breath taking view in one of the world class resort without me.Ā He left me and enjoy Maldives alone šŸ™

Just kidding he would never do that. His Maldive’s trip is official and works related.

I supposed to join him as there is no issue with his company if he will bring someone as long I will be paying my own air ticket bound Maldives airport.

While his company generously offers to cover the expenses on food, sea plane from airport to resort and accommodation what a deal!

His trip is originally planned for theĀ month of OctoberĀ 2016 but got postponed and they are unsure when it will be rescheduled. One month passed and no news at all.

I really want to have a short vacation to change my mood, I feel suffocated in my surroundings might be a result of stress and pressures of work and life.

And timely as my two siblings are going for a vacation to theĀ Philippines. The last time we are altogetherĀ was 2012, so I got an idea and asked my husband if I can go home for a while.

He didn’t agree at first. My husband is clingy and like a baby, he is totally lost when I am not around šŸ™‚

But after a few days of convincing him, emotional blackmail and negotiations, he finally agreed for a 12 days vacation. He cannot join me for vacation as they have a big project to work on that time.

I am happy that he supported me, I went for a short trip in Thailand and enjoy my time with my parents and siblings at theĀ Philippines, it was fun!

On my 5th day, he called me to announced the not so good news.Ā His Maldives trip is confirmed 3 days after that.

He is a bit upset as he doesn’t want to travel alone, he said he will not enjoy it, (I hope it’s true just kidding) asĀ we know that Maldives is ideal for couple so his worry is, he will feel jealous for all the lovebirds out there, Ā but he doesn’t have any choice but to go and do his task.

I don’t want to feel of regrets about going home at least I enjoyed my days with my parents and siblings, but hello! I am just a human, there are these thoughts playing in my mind the what ifs questions…. what if I delayed my vacation for at least 1 week, what if I re-book my flight I might in Maldives too and enjoying our time together.

But it’s fine the feelings ofĀ seeing my parents happy and surprised that we are all together areĀ irreplaceable.

Our travel plans can wait we just need to work hard and save, in right time we can pursue it together. Though it would not be in this kind of resort as the prices are totally mind blowing the bonding and time we will be spent together are more matters.

For now, I will convince myself that Maldives is just a normal Island with normal beaches.

Below are the photos that my loving husband took. Judge it if he really didn’t enjoy it.

Hotel:Ā JA Manafaru

Haa Alif Atoll, Dhidhdhoo, Maldives

70 minutes via seaplane from Male International Airport

Price range: $1400.00/night/with taxes/Seaplane not yet included.

View from above

Wow of the Islands.

Seaplane to resort

They are ready to fly.

Welcome to his villa.

All the villas are beach front and less than a minute away from the blue crystal beach water

The villa has a small private which is awesome. We got an idea that soon we might adapt this concept on our future small and humble house to build hopefully very soon.

The living room

Breakfast area

Water Villa

Any one would inspired and energetic to burn fats with this view. Cool a Gym with Beachfront

Indeed it is beautiful but, I can’t control comparing it to the best beaches in our country. For me it looks similar to Boracy Beach Beach šŸ™‚

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