Louis Vuitton Dubai my 4 years old bag

The bag of the celebrities in the Philippines and the bag I wouldn’t afford if I’m not working in Dubai.

Please don’t judge me guys of buying this bag, I heard already a lot of words already from my mom 🙂 This is the result of my impracticality and impulsive attitude during my younger years.

Shoes and clothes for other girls but bag goes for me.

Every time I am in shopping mall unintentionally the bag sections always catch my eyes. Some people thought I just got hooked in bags when I started working in Dubai.

Only a few people know that since childhood I was a bag fanatic. The time were the only brands I know are heart string, Parisian, and Secossana (90’s baby)

When my father is annoyed every time I am buying a bag he sarcastically called me an octopus. Or sometimes he irritably asked me if how many hands I have to use all the bags I had.

But he never wins on my argument. “At least I don’t buy much clothes and shoes you still save a lot” 🙂

Anyways, don’t think guys that every time I am in the mall I do always buy. Instead, I am just roaming around and checking new design of bags.  I don’t know I am just happy and feel relax seeing that colorful stuff, it makes me feel good.

I appreciate the creativity of many bag designers, how they have infinite ideas, bag’s industry evolved a lot through these years.

During my free time, I enjoy watching the vlogs of bag collectors in youtube channel even those talented girls who do their own bag (DIY)

I even tried to do my own bag but it was unsuccessful. Maybe if I have enough time I can practice doing it.

Having a bag business line is one of my secret dreams (no longer a secret now 🙂 ) Sounds unrealistic I know, but come on guys there is nothing wrong to dream right. Just dream and once you have the chance make it happen.

Anyways, thanks for listening to my story back to the topic again, this blog is about my 4 years old Damier LV bag which I am using almost every day since I had it and every day it reminds me the story of how did I bought it and how hasty I was.

It is the Neverfull bag in MM size.

I chose the Damier versions as it is easy to maintain and suit my personality, I know how to take care of my things but not to the point of babying it. So for sure if I have the monogram with the light handle it would not be looking fine like what I have now.

And my decision choosing this style is right. I literally maximize the use of it especially when I was working in outdoor sales. Try to imagine how many hotel’s brochures I am carrying every day but this bag never disappoints me it really holds a lot.

Yes! it is really pricey and may be impractical but on my experience, the durability and the length of years you will be using it is fair on the price.

But of course, this is only based on my experience, based on what I want.  I am not endorsing it to any lady to have this bag it always depends on your style, depends on your preference 🙂

It is very obvious I do enjoy and really satisfied on my bag purchase.

Let me share with you as well our “store experience” when we bought it.

As what we expected we feel and face discrimination in the sense of the sales staff didn’t assist us well initially. The security guard even approached us as he thought we are taking photos.

Good thing hubby and I prepare ourselves for this scenarios. We are realistic and we know how some European or other nationality belittles our nations.

So we just continue with our things checking the, comparing and thinking if I will go for speedy or never full when the sales staff finally noticed that we are a potential buyer she assisted me very well (round of applause for her)

Upon leaving the store holding that brown big paper bag the security guard who approached us initially has a big smile on his face and thanking our visit 🙂

Thanks to my supportive husband whom I didn’t hear a bad judgment when I bought it.


Branch in Dubai

Louis Vuitton Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue

00971 4 330 8060

Louis Vuitton Dubai Mall Of Emirates

Mall Of The Emirates, Fashion Dome
04 395 0431

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