Louis Vuitton Dubai my 4 years old bag

My Louis Vuitton Bag Story and Store Experience.

The famous bag of celebrities and can afford ladies, and the bag I wouldn’t think of buying.

Please don’t judge me guys of buying this bag, I heard it all already from my mom (lol)

Having this bag reminds me of how impractical and impulsive I was during my younger years while working in Dubai.


Other girls might be shoes and clothes lovers, but a nice pair of bags goes for me.

Every time I am in a shopping mall, I always found my self unintentionally in a bag section. The bag is always catchy on my eyes.

Some people thought that I just got an interest in the bag when I started working in Dubai. They never know that I was a bag fanatic since my teenage days.

But those times, the only brands I am addicted was Heart String, Parisian, and Secossana (90’s baby)

I was trying hard to save my allowance just to buy different designs, and colors of a bag from these brands. My father calls me octopus every time he was annoyed when I am asking for additional allowance. He questioned me if how many hands I have to use all the bags I had.

He never wins on my argument. “at least I am not into clothes or shoes, you still save a lot” such a brat young girl.


However, my love for the bag is controllable in some ways. Don’t think that I am always buying a bag every time I am in the mall, instead, I am just roaming around to see whats bag designs are in-demand now.

I can’t exactly explain why I am happy to see and touch different kinds of bags. Their colors, uniqueness just makes me feel good.

The bag’s designer creativity, and ideas are an inspiration to this industry. Although the bag business evolves a lot through the years designers always come up with the new trend.


During my free time, I am enjoying myself watching a bag related vlogs from youtube. From high-end bag collectors to a simple bag lover ladies and those talented gals creating their DIY bags.

I even tried to do my bag but it was unsuccessful. Maybe if I have enough time I can practice doing it and would love to create my design.

Having a bag business line is one of my secret dreams (no longer a secret now 🙂  I know it sounds unrealistic. But come on guys there is nothing wrong to dream right. Just dream and once you have the chance make it happen.

Anyways, thanks for reading my little story about my fondness of bags. Now, let’s get back to the Louis Vuitton Bag topic.

This blog is about my 4 years old Damier Louis Vuitton bag which I am using almost every day since I had it. Seeing this bag reminds me of the story of how did I bought it and how hasty I was.

It is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag in MM size.

My experience with this bag

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

I chose the Damier versions as it is easy to maintain and suit my personality, I know how to take care of my things but not to the point of babying it.

If I had the Monogram one with the light handle, I am not sure if it will last as clean as my Damier through the years.

Though I having this bag for many years I am still in love with it. I am happy with how still good looking this bag is despite its age.

My decision about choosing this style is right. I maximize the use of it especially when I was working in outdoor sales.  This bag has been overused when I was working as Hotel Sales Executive, it carries a lot of my brochures, and sales stuff every day. It never disappoints me, it holds a lot.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Interior

Yes! it is pricey and impractical for some, but on my experience, the durability and the length of years you will be using it is fair on the price.

But of course, this is only base on my experience, and on what I want.  I am not endorsing it to anyone, it always depends on your style and your preference 🙂

It is very obvious I do enjoy and really satisfied with my bag purchase.

Louis Vuitton Boutique Experience

Many simple ladies like me are feeling intimidated by entering a luxury shop like Louis Vuitton. We have these ideas that this shop is only for elite people, and we are conscious of how the salespeople will treat us.

Those myths are actually true based on my experience in the time we bought it.

As expected we face a little discrimination by some staff’s eyes thinking that we are not in the right place. The security guard even thinks we are taking a photo of the bag we were checking.

Since hubby and I already prepared for this scenario, we didn’t let him bother us.

We just continue on our purpose, to check and compare the two bags I am having a hard time deciding which to buy.

I was in between Speedy or the Neverfull bag.

After a few minutes, one sales executive finally notice that we are a potential buyer. She assists me very well from all my questions and doubts, shall we give her applause?

The Sales Executive helps me finally decide, and she was right if my purpose is for a daily bag, Neverfull is practical than the Speedy.

Upon leaving the store holding that brown big paper bag the security guard who approaches us has a big smile on his face and thanking our visit.

Reading my story above sounds as if having this bag is an achievement, It is not like that guys, I am just happy that at that age I was able to buy my dream bag.

Like everyone else, we have that material stuff that we always want to achieve, and once we have it we are just happy to share how we did it.

This bag holds many memories for me;

  • It reminds me of how I work hard during my late 20’s
  • With that purchase, I got to know myself better. I realize that sometimes there is no wrong if I will pursue buying things that I really like as long I have a budget on that. Having this bag saves me a lot from buying a “second option bag” then later on I will no longer use. After my LV Never full bag purchase you can count on my fingers the times I bought a new bag.
  • This bag once proves how supportive my husband was. From the start I never heard him complaining or judging me about this, he just let me enjoy my younger working years.


Show me your Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag ladies!

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