Dubai provides many opportunities and most of it a chance.

The United Arab Emirates a home of a different nation from around the globe. A country that opens their door widely to many people.

I am always grateful that I am one of those millions of expats given this chance to work here in Dubai. A certified Pinay Expat of more than 10 years.

In my experience, I really owe this country big time. I am thankful for their generosity they gave me and many expats based here the below.


I am not saying that those expat doesn’t have a career in their own country. For sure some of them has and I do have.

But comparing what we had back then we can say that Dubai gave us a better and secured one. That is why many expats chose to work here despite being away from their families.

A lot of Filipinos and other nationality really excel and succeed in their career path in this country. The previous normal workers turn to be an entrepreneur in this competitive market. Hearing and reading these kinds of stories are really an inspiration.

Truly Dubai is a place where your careers really grow, improves and value.

But of course, it is not a magic it still depends on one person ability and perseverance.


Since Dubai is a hub of many foreign nationals all of us has the chance to learn from this multicultural environment.

What can we learn from it?

We will learn…..

  • how to treat well each people having a different nationality.
  • on how to survive despite we are in a crowd that no same nationality of ours.
  • to communicate well to all kinds of people no matter from which country they are or which social status they belong.

During the first few days or months for those who first time working in another country are not confident in themselves, they are shy and conscious.

Gradually when we adjusted to this new place and environment we are gaining back again our self-esteem. We are no fear in dealing with anyone.

The confidence that we learned from here will be useful in our lives which will lead us to success.


You will only know how brave you are if you are alone and far from your comfort zone. And most of us working in Dubai is no longer in the comfort of our parents, friends, and families.

We are a thousand miles away from them the source of our strength and the reasons of our hard works.

But we had proven the world how courageous we are in facing difficulties in life to provide a better life for our loved one.

During my first year in this land, I really thought that I will not survive. The pressures, discriminations and even betrayals I encountered makes me feel weak and afraid to face the cruel reality of the world. But with the help of few trusted people and prayer, I learned how to be strong, how to stand again after I failed and to just keep on going no matter how many hindrances are blocking my ways to reach the place where I want to be.



My favorite!

This means more than the chance of having a good job but a chance to rebuild ourselves. Some of us might be a failure and hopeless back then but Dubai gave us a second chance to prove the world that we can always be in our best just waiting for the right chance.

Dubai really offers boundless opportunities!

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