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Mugg & Bean Abu Dhabi food experience

Like what I always say, I really love my work and enjoying so much of it. It is tiring, stressful, and a lot of pressure in line with this nature but still happy with it.

As of working on this post, I just actually reach home from my 2 hours straight drive from Abu Dhabi. I managed one corporate event there this afternoon and last night.

Though I am exhausted, I couldn’t control my thoughts and hands in sharing this experience in my online diary. Blogging or sharing experiences ease my pressures and stress, working on this now actually relaxes me.

Yesterday was really a busy day for me. After my office work at Sharjah, I went straight to Abu Dhabi that takes about a 02 hours drive. Though I enjoy a long drive, the traffic I encountered was terrible, I can feel how painful my both legs are now.

I reach Abu Dhabi around 07:00 pm, just enough time for set up and a little dinner break.

After meeting the banquet team and instructing them about the set-up to be done I went to Mugg & Bean Capitol Plaza for dinner.  It is beside the Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche where I stayed in.

Dinner was fine, I like the set up of Mugg & Bean feels homey and relaxing.

While for the food, nothing so much special. I like their french fries though it is crispy and perfectly done. The salads are fresh as well.

Our dinner, I had it with a good friend of mine.

Cute teapot

Mugg & Bean salad

Their salad is really good, I love the dressing. Cucumber & Carrots are really fresh

Egg and bread set is actually their breakfast meals, but available to serve throughout the day

Mugg & Bean breakfast set














Mugg & Bean chocolate milk shake

My chocolate milkshake

Lasagna was fine, but I love more the fries.

Mugg & Bean lasagna

We finish the set-up around 12:00 midnight, then work on a few notes and to-do list for the following morning.

Working in event departments requires one to be attentive, meticulous in every detail, so I need to ensure that all the plans tomorrow will happen!



Sofiitel Corniche Abu Dhabi

The Event I managed at Sofitel Corniche Abu Dhabi Photo credit: Sofitel Corniche website


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