Mugg & Bean Abu Dhabi food experience

Love my work so much, though tiring and stressful but fulfilling. Just got home from almost 2 hours straight drive from Abu Dhabi, actually I am really exhausted as I managed one of our corporate events this afternoon and last night I am still supervising the set up till 12:00 midnight, but blogging, sharing my life and experiences ease my pressures and stress, that is why though I really want to rest and lay down in my bed but I found myself in front of my computer and started typing.

After my duty at the office yesterday, I went straight to Abu Dhabi and it takes me to reach there for 2 hours as well, though I enjoy driving, my back and legs are really painful. After few setup and instructions given to hotel, I felt starving and my mood is to eat a lot and forget my diet, need to have a good dinner as I need to be back by 1030 pm to the hotel to continue the works. I tried the Mugg & Bean in Capitol Plaza beside the hotel where I stayed in.

I like the set up feels homey and relaxing, but foods are not something you would be looking forward returning to, though I liked their french fries it is crispy and perfectly done, salads are fresh as well.

Cute teapot

Cucumber & Carrots are really fresh

this is actually their breakfast meals, but available to serve throughout the day

Lasagna & fries

My chocolate milkshake


I didn’t eat all of these alone, I enjoyed the night with a good friend of mine… good company makes your night a good one foods are just complement to that.

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