Four Seasons Abu Dhabi

A glimpse at Four Seasons Abu Dhabi

Working while enjoying is something that not everyone gets. I am thankful that I am one of the people who landed on the job that they enjoy and love.

The well-known quotes as;

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.  Is very true to me.

I’ve proven it many times. Especially when one hard and stressful day ends but still I can say I love and enjoy my job.

I guess our team sees, that pressures and challenges are the exciting part of our job. After finishing one project we really feel fulfilled and happy knowing we work hard on it with our hearts.

Before I forgot to mention in case you are a new reader I am working in an events company here in UAE. We specialize in managing a corporate event for a well known IT company. Our account is a bit picky and high-level on the standard that is why everyday pressures at work seem normal.

Thankfully the management is cool and casual. Our bosses are good at pressurizing us at the same time calming us down when the situations get tough.

I hope I am not giving you the impression that working in the events field is totally hard. It is not actually if you are good at organizing your work and priorities. Working in an events company is fun like working in a travel agency where you can enjoy some perks of it.

Such as chance of traveling, meet different people from all over the world. And the exciting part of to experience the service of different luxury hotels.

Personally, I am more on practicality when I am going for my vacation. Spending on expensive accommodation is not my priority. That is why I would honestly admit that this is one of the “bonus” factors I enjoy in my work.

Though not all our events require us to stay overnight or a few days at the hotel. I still do enjoy the chance of seeing it and experience a few of their services.

Recently I was working on one of our events in Abu Dhabi which held in Four Seasons Hotel Al Maryah Island. This is actually my first event in this location as we normally had in their Jumeirah Dubai branch.

Glad I had the chance to compare it.

Both hotels are definitely a definition of luxury but they have a different concept. The one in Four Seasons Abu Dhabi looks more on the formal side maybe because of the business location.  While Dubai gives you a feeling of in vacation mode due to resort ambiance.

Below are some of the photos I manage to get during my break.

Four Seasons Abu Dhabi lobby


Four Seasons Abu Dhabi reception



Four Seasons Abu Dhabi balcony

View from the meeting room

Four Seasons Abu Dhabi ballroom foyer

My workstation for today


Our event ends well with a mark of another successful one.

Video on my youtube channel

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi


Sofiitel Corniche Abu Dhabi


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