My not so good experience in Pita Restaurant Rigga Dubai

I accompanied my husband in picking up his brother in Deira, he just arrived from a visa change in Oman.  We expected that we will be exhausted in traffic in this area which is very normal in Deira side. That is why we just decided to have our dinner outside, supposed to be we will eat in Jollibee our favorites, but its a bit crowded and we are really starving. We ended up in Pita Restaurant, it is our first time to try their foods, my friends told me last time that they had tried Pita branch in Burjuman and food was nice. So, I just suggested to my hubby to try their tapsilog since we wanted to have a heavy dinner and for sure we don’t need to wait longer to serve it.

Looks yummy in the photo;

But, no offense I think this would be the last time we will eat here. The beef is totally lacking in flavor and it is dry, I am not exaggerating it but it seems we are eating and chewing food that doesn’t have a taste at all, I don’t know why, but there is no trace of any seasonings even salt. We are the type of persons who will try to eat any food serves to us as long as we can, as we are feeling guilty if we will throw it, but we can’t really finish this one, even the rice is not good at all. Rice in Marry Brown is way much better.

Sorry, Pita Restaurant but this “tapsilog” can only be considered as tapsilog in the photo, but when you tried it you are insulting our famous food back home.

My left over (I finished the egg though)

I know it is only AED18.00 but there are many Filipino restaurants that serve tapsilog that we had tried many times & having the same price as what you have, but tastes are acceptable and fine.

I’m sorry if someone would disagree with my opinion, but I just want to share our experience, hope they will improve for better and take my opinion as constructive criticism.

Good Points for them:

-location wise, set up, food presentation, the crew are friendly and trying their best to assist customers.

*Updated as of March 11 / There is a continuation of my experience in Pita restaurant, I am fair, please visit my blog with below link for my Tapsilog experience in Pita Burjuman branch*


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