Life is tough and sometimes rough but no matter what we need to Keep on going!

I know I am not the only person in this world who sometimes feels gloomy and unmotivated.

This is definitely a normal feeling in this stressful and competitive world.

There are many factors that make us sad either work-related and mostly personal problem. Because of these, we may think that life is really tough!

Lately, there are days that I don’t want to move from bed and just want to sleep the whole day. I want to change my problem handling style from realistic brave lady to a coward one.

But as a mature adult, I know this is not the proper way to face the reality of life.

I am thankful that despite my gloominess I can still push my self to be firm. I am like an adviser of myself sounds crazy but effective.

Everything has an end those are the things I am looking forward. So for now while everything is messed up I need to focus and remains positive.

A lot of sadful uncontrollable things might come along the way. But if we will trust Him we will have the power to control ourselves in handling a hard situation smartly and positively

When you are feeling down try to divert your attention to beautiful things in life. It might not remove totally your problem but will help to ease your pain.

Aside from praying and self-counseling a simple break such as walking, driving, and sightseeing help my mood to improve.

This is exactly what I did this afternoon the beautiful blue skies make me happy and appreciate life:)


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