Myra Facial Wash the reaction of my sensitive skin to it

Myra Facial Wash – the reaction of my sensitive skin to it

One of my worries before coming home to the Philippines is to find a skin care product that will suit my skin type.

I have an oily and sensitive skin.

For years of staying abroad, and experimenting with different brands, most of the products that suit me are from The Face Shop’s brand. Their facial wash and moisturizer in the scent of green tea are my top favorites.

But now that I will be staying here in the Philippines longer, I need to find an alternative from it. Like everyone else, I need to spend more practical. So I decided to adjust my expenses in beauty products as well.

Though it means exploring again with a few products, it is not a problem for me. My always formula in life is to Adapt & Adjust, and this time I need to apply it more.

Being on a budget does not mean not being careful with your skin, a good skin care routine is a must for all of us ladies.

After trying a few cheaper options for facial skin care I found a good one that suits me. Trying it for the first time didn’t give my face of a hot feeling, instead it is just so smooth and gentle.

It is the Myra Fresh Glow Facial Wash. To be honest, the number one reason why I tried it was because of their Myra Vitamin E name, we know that it is famous skin vitamins so I know their skin care products will be great as well containing needed vitamins.

No regrets, I am now on my second tube and I love the results.


Upon my review from their website, it is good to know that this facial wash contains more beauty vitamins such as; (Vitamin E / C / B3 / B5, and B6)

The content vitamins
  •  – it is a powerful antioxidant that effective in reducing UV damage to the skin. And this may help in nourishing and protecting your skin from damage caused by free radicals.
  • C   – aids in your skin’s natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells.
  • B3 -can protect skin further from infrared, UV and visible light, and prevent pigmentation such as dark spots from appearing on your face
  • B5 -works as a moisturizer and anti-inflammatory agent, reducing facial blemishes and enhancing the healing process of skin wounds.
  • B6  -helps to stop acne start caused by hormonal fluctuations, it moisturize and supple the skin.

With all this benefits I must say this is a great choice for me and for all of you ladies

The price is affordable for all, no reasons for you of not taking care of your skin.

Php75.00 per 50 ml tube and Php15.00 per 10ml sachet.

With Myra Facial Wash you will feel confident to attend your next presentation comfortably!


For best results, use this facial wash along with Myra Whitening Smooth Glow Facial Moisturizer.


(Disclaimer: this article is not sponsored)



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