The Face Shop Korean skin care product, first time to try it.

I had never been a fan of skin care products aside from my facial wash and body lotions which are necessities, not because I am confident that I look good instead I am just lazy to do a routine for beauty regimen, maybe another factor to it is I grew up with 3 boys as my  mom works abroad for many years.

My father only taught me the basic hygiene ūüôā

But, like any other normal lady, I am a bit stressed when I reached a certain age that I started to see few signs that I am no longer in my 20’s stage. And yes beauty experts are correct once we reach the age 25 we should start taking care of our skin seriously. I hope I am not too late.

I tried different known products but it doesn’t suit my skin type, every time I am trying new item¬†I always got rashes especially in my face. Because of it, I got tired of trying new skin care products.

Thanks to my colleague who is obsessed in beautifying herself, a certified pure beautiful Filipina nearly 40 years old, but looking at her you will never think she is over 30 years old.

She advised me to try Korean product either from The Face Shop or Skin79 as she is been using it for a year consistently.

And that’s what I do, I went to The Faceshop. Thankfully the sales executive assisted me very well, before recommending any product she did¬†few skins test on my face.

Toner and moisturizer

According to her, my skin type falls to oily and sensitive. She recommended either The Chia Seed or Green tea which is ideal for skin with a bit enlarge pores.

Skin care products

I chose the Green Tea, I really love the scent of it, in fact, I am currently using an Elizabeth Arden perfume with the same scent.

She is good and not typical sales assistant who is only after in selling, thumbs up to her she didn’t insist any other product instead she told me to try these 2 first as starter (toner & moisturizer) if I am satisfied with the results I can go back to purchase ūüôā

seaweed mask

Thanks for the complimentary green tea mask I am excited to use it on weekend

from faceshop

To complete my Korean product experience, I also bought these seaweed snacks. I only saw it on youtube and been looking for it in the¬†supermarket in Dubai but I haven’t found anything.

Thankfully I found it in Carrefour as per the promoter it is a new product in Dubai, they have two choices either Wasabi or Sesame.

Seaweed snacks

Personally, I prefer the sesame flavor.

Love it

So far I’ve been using the skin products for one week and I don’t see any bad results on my face. I am hoping it would turn well.

Let me know ladies if you already tried this brand and how is your experience.

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