Night Market and Street Foods at Baguio City

Night Market at Baguio City one of their highlights

One of the well-known tourist destination in Baguio is their Night Market at Harrisson Road beside Burnham Park.

I wouldn’t miss to see this as its been a long time the last time I had a night market shopping. And the Baguio Market is a must – bunch of stalls are ready for many shoppers, you can buy shoes, clothes, bags, toys and more, it is either brandnew or second hand.

Sadly, I felt that my anxiety couldn’t tolerate the huge crowd of people when I started to roam around. After the on-and-off lockdown this is my first time to be in a crowded place. I couldn’t breathe and felt so dizzy.

But, I do not want to waste this time, instead I just enjoy that night trying different street food in their food bazaar area,

they have the famous Pinoy street foods such as fishball, kikiam, squidballs and variety of barbeques. Addition to that you can also enjoy international cuisine such as Korean and Arabic food, and a lot more


We walked back to our hotel around 12 midnight and I can feel secure in the place. Baguio is a real tourist-friendly place here in the Philippines, the police patrols are visible -that they are securing the safety of the place, no wonder Baguio is one of the low crime rate places in the country.

Also, you will appreciate how bright the city is even late night.

Baguio City walk at night experience

So if you are coming in Baguio and haven’t tried exploring the city late night you can include this in your plan, you will enjoy your stay here even in this simplest way.

Date visited: November 28,2022

Before calling it a night – hubby and  and I had a cup of coffee like what we always do. This is perfect for this cold weather.

I am very excited for tomorrow’s next destination,  this is the reason why we need to stay in Baguio for a day as the bus going to Atok start here.

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