A glimpse in Burnham Park Baguio City

Summer Capital of the Philippines, the Famous Burnham Park 

Are you a foreigner planning to visit Philippines very soon? you may want to include this one of the top places that you should see in the Philippines.

Baguio is one of the famous attractions here, foreign or local tourists really love this lively city not just because of its beautiful sceneries, but it has a good weather that perfectly fit if you want to explore the city the whole day. Aside from that, Baguio is such a busy city that has a lot to offer. Different parks, food trips, thrift shopping and many outdoor activities are just some of the few things you can do here.

Also, you wouldn’t worry to go out of the city even late night as Baguio is one of the low crime rates places here in the Philippines.

So if you are decided now to visit the Philippines’s summer capital, one of many parks here that you shouldn’t miss is the Burnham Park.Why? let me tour you around.

Burnham Park

Ready your feet as walking around the 32.84 hectare park will really eaten up your day visit here.

Burnham Park was designed and named after the American Architect and urban planner Daniel Hudson Burnham. It has 12 main areas and the most popular is the Burnham Lagoon, a manmade lake where you can rent a boat and enjoy the view of Burnham Park.

Baguio is about 205 km away from the center of Philippines, from Cubao it took us 7 and a half hours travel. We left Cubao by 0500 in the morning and reach Baguio by 1230 noon including all the stop over and traffic.

As soon as we reach Baguio we look for a restaurant that is walking distance from the bus terminal as we were starving.

It’s lunch time – our first food trip!



Beef Spareribs

Just right after our sumptous lunch we walked towards Burnham Park. Since this vacation is literally quick; we made sure to list down the top priority attractions to visit. It saves our time as we already know the particular place we will go to.

From Baguio terminal we walked for about two kilometers away to Burnham Park, an opportunity to burn the calories we just had.

Crossing the overpass while carrying our heavy knapsack really gives us a heavy sweat despite a good weather condition, but its alright; hubby and I are in the mood for walking, and staying under the sun for this vacation.

After about 15 minutes of walking we finally reach Burnham Park. Before coming here I always say to my husband that I am not very thrill to see Baguio as I’ve been here before.

Welcome to Burnham Park

Surprisingly, I couldn’t recall anymore what did I do or how do I appreciate the place before; as it was 20 years ago. Im glad that I went here to create a new memories together with my husband.

It was around two o’clock and you can see many people at the park, some are young ones practicing their dance step for tiktok entry, local tourist who are very happy exploring this park and many more.

Before going to Burnham lagoon, I freshen up a bit as I know I will take many photo shots here. True enough; as while walking we bumped with one local photographer, He approaches us and show some of his photo including a  traditional costume of Ibaloi. That is perfect! For me, having a photo wearing a traditional dress of every province or country you visit is the best souvenir you can have. I’m so thrill to try it.

Photo Session

The cost of each printed photo is Php 75.00 including the costume, there is no minimum number of printed copies required, but the photographer will asks you to strike a different kind of post to choose from. It is up to you if you will take all of them; somehow he will insist you to get more printed copies like what I experienced;  just be firm on how many you would want to have.

This is the boot area where you can have your photo shoot wearing the traditional clothes

Two copies is enough for me but he is very insistent to have at least four. Well, that is ok atleast I didn’t pay for the costume rental fee.

My best souvenir for this trip!

After the photo shoot, hubby and I sat down in front of the lagoon lake. We gave ourselves a moment to appreciate the view and the place and to be thankful for the safe travel and beautiful day we spent here in Burnham Park.

The best thing to do is just sit and relax

The famous boat ride in Burnham Park

 Thank you Jehovah God for this wonderful day!

After we truly enjoy the day in Burnham Park its time for another walk to look for a hotel accommodation to laid our tired body; we have to take a nap as we will go out at night to see their well-known night market and experience Baguio at night.

Date visited: November 28, 2022


If in case you dont have any accomodation yet, don’t worry there are many local in Burnham Park offering a transient home as low as Php 1200 for overnight stay.

Ready your coins as you will need this every bio break, Php 5.00 per use.

Wear your  comfortable footwear to surely enjoy your walk for hours in the park

If your purpose of visiting Baguio is a total relaxtion and no much itinerary,

allocate a day here in the park;  it is so relaxing to just sit around, read or watch people passing by.



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