Dely’s Inn Baguio our overnight experience

Dely’s Inn Baguio overnight stay at affordable price.

Our recent trip in Baguio has been on plan for almost one month, but not in all means.

The places, things to do, and travel date are already set in my schedule but not the room accommodation;  not because I forgot it, but I took a risk on this part.

Since the date I chose is not yet the busiest month in Baguio I didn’t want to book any reservation that requires me a deposit and with stiff cancellation policy.

I am confident that I would be able to find room near or even on the date of my arrival. My husband was a bit nervous thinking that we might not find an inexpensive  and accessible hotel in Baguio. I guarantee him not to worry and trust me, since I am working in hospitality industry I know we will find a good sleeping place. And I was right, I didn’t spend more than my budget for our accommodation not sacrificing the comfort, security and non refundable fee policy incase we are not able to pursue for this trip.

I paid Php 1255.00 for our overnight stay with a decent room, and what matter most is; it is walking-distance to the places we need to be nearby.

Dely’s Inn Address

The name is Dely’s Inn located in 141 Abanao Extension, Barangay Rizal Monument, Baguio City.

Don’t expect so much in the room, nothing fancy about in it. It is just a basic accommodation that good enough for an overnight stay.

Hallway has a lot of interesting paintings   


Dely’s Inn Amenities:

King-sized bed

Private bathroom

Cold and hot shower


Tiny soap


Electric fan

Coffee vendo machine at the lobby

During our stay last November, non-airconditioned room in Baguio is not big deal at all,  as fan is good enough for a relaxing stay. It was cold and refreshing specially during the night. Although, I am not sure if same condition during other months specifically on summer season.

The room is clean,bed sheets, pillow case are newly changed, we are confident after we carefully check, smell and feel it.

All in all we had a good rest during our overnight stay here.

Date visited: November 28,2022

If ever you are looking for an affordable and clean room neaby Burnham Park, here are their details.

Prices are based on our date of stay, it is always subject to change. You may contact them for updated price.

Disclaimer: this is not a paid blog post, all content of this article is based on my personal experience, no paid collaboration involve in this trip


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