Overlooking Taal Restaurant – Sol Victoria’s

With all the stresses you and I are facing everyday a once in a while quick getaway is must to maintain our positive outlook in life.

A simple treat to ourselves means a lot for us to feel inspired, motivated and happy in all what we do.

Definitely having a nice meal in a relaxing place is one of a great choice for your upcoming plan. Either your treating yourself alone or with those special persons in your heart!

If you are thinking of where would be the nice place that serves a good food with reasonable cost, and most importantly an outlet with a great ambiance and beautifu view – Tagaytay is always a good choice.

There are plenty of restaurants here not just serving a great meal but most of it their locations has a very relaxing view of Taal volcano surrounded with greeneries.

One of the great restaurant I just discovered is the Sol Victoria’s. I saw it from one of the post in social media, I fell in love with the view and after a week my itchy feet bring me to Tagaytay all the way from Rizal.

Our 3 hours drive is all worth it. We enjoy the meal in their outdoor setting with a refreshing breeze and nice view.

Though I’ve been to Tagaytay for many times but this is my first in Sol Victoria’s Restaurant, with their tasty meal, breathtaking view you would surely want to book your next escapade here. While for me I found my go to place everytime I feel want to relax once in a while from this busy world.

The view


Dining experience

(February 2022)

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Resort in Tagaytay

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