Philippines National ID approved!

Working in Dubai for almost a decade, I witnessed how fast this country is in everything.

They are fast in improving the infrastructure, fast in developing many projects and one more thing that many appreciates, it is for being fast as well in resolving a case either a simple one to notorious crime.

These would not be successful if their leaders are not dedicated enough to improve their organizational systems, handling the population in an organizational way looks easy for them.

One of it is for imposing that all the legal residents should have an Emirates ID. This makes the transactions uncomplicated and it helps a lot in tracking those people haunts by officials which lead to resolving the case faster and easier.

After a long time of debate and study, finally and thankfully  the Philippines government passed the law of having a national ID system, it has been approved by House population and family

relations committee last May 10, 2017

The committee members give unanimous approval for Filipino identification act, if before we are using multiple ID’s but now it would be hassle free same here in Dubai which is one ID

(Emirates ID) is  enough in case we have a transaction that requiring valid documents, according to chairperson committee Laguna representative Sol Aragones the new ID can be used in different

government agency.

This new rules would be mandatory to all ages, 18 and above, this would be provided without any cost for the first issuance but in the case of re-issuance, applicable charges would be applied.

Privacy and confidentiality of one person’s identity are the worries of many Filipinos, many think that it may affect their security, but we should not worry too much as the Philippines Statistic Authority guarantees to take care all personal data and it would not show publicly without legal approval.

And for those who are planning to provide wrong personal information, forget it and just follow the rules as once found guilty a two years imprisonment and fine of Php 50,000 to Php 500,000 would be imposed according to Aragones.

I am happy hearing a positive news and improvement for my beloved home country (Philippines) and I hope a lot of good things and success will come.


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