Renewing the Philippines Passport in Dubai is now possible without an appointment

The Philippine Passport Renewal in Dubai was never easy for the longest time. Many Pinoy/Pinay UAE based are actually struggling to do this simple task.

Some of the challenges are;

  • Getting an online appointment is not that easy, normally we need to consider a span of time to book it. And the closest available slot we may get is a few more months away in the time we made our booking.
  • Most of us day off are during the weekend (Friday and Saturday) Unfortunately, the Consulate is off as well in this period. Filing at least a one day leave is necessary.
  • The Philippines Consulate is not that so accessible for all. Taking a taxi or car lift will cost a few bucks and of course, for sure we will need to buy food, refreshments while doing this. (For many, passport renewal is something to plan not only for the schedule but mostly for the budget)
  • A limited time schedule should be strictly followed. We need to ensure to be there as per our schedule no matter what.

Thankfully after so long there is now another option to renew our passport in a much convenient way.

VFS WAFI Mall Dubai launched a Philippine Passport Renewal Center (PaRC) last November 21. The good news is we don’t need to book a prior appointment to process the renewal. On top of that, we can go according to our preferred time.

They are open from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm from Monday to Friday (except UAE Holidays) wow! what a relief.

Procedure: (Make sure to bring all the required documents as follow)

– E-passport Renewal Form (to be done onsite)
– Existing Philippine Passport
– Photocopy of Passport
– Photocopy of Residence/Work Visa
– Emirates ID
– Photocopy of Emirates ID

Dress Code: Wear decent and office attire clothing, preferably top with collar.

Price: It will be a little higher comparing to Consulate as VFS will apply a service fee. ( Passport Renewal: AED 240.00 + Service Fee: AED91.75 / Total amount is AED331.75

Mode of Payment: They accept either cash or credit card payment

Upon arrival at the Renewal Center, you need to get a queue number, ready all the requirements as you will present it once your turn. After paying the amount, you will be given a receipt. You need to present it for the claim later on.

VFS representative will assist to take your photo for the passport, fingerprints scanning and application form and you need to sign in their signature pad.

After that, they will ask you to review all the details you put in. Carefully read the terms and conditions before you confirm and accept all the details encode in the system.

Note: It is very important to check all the details as one spelling mistake or any wrong information will have to amend only at the Philippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate, wherever applicable.

And finish, after that they will advise you to wait for approximately four weeks to collect your new passport. VFS will send you an email confirmation if the passport is ready for collection.

Below link can be used as well to monitor if your passport is already available for collection at VFS

Philippine Consulate
Philippine Embassy

Applicants should remember to bring their receipts and present their old passports before their new passport is issued to them.

Important Reminder: VFS only process for passport Renewal

Below conditions will not be processed at VFS:

– New passports (Babies, children, those applying for passports for the first time, etc)
– Lost passports
– Filipinos requiring changes for their passport (from maiden name to married name, spelling errors, etc.)

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