Safe driving in Dubai

For sure many Pinay/Pinoy expat drivers would agree that it is fun to drive here compare to the Philippines as most of the drivers are following the rules, not because they are good and disciplined bu

they are afraid on fines that might impose to them as a lot of cameras are over Dubai.

In spite of it, many drivers are still inconsiderate to others and we cannot do anything to those people, but one thing is for sure we can do something from our side to do our best to follow the advice

for a safe driving.

Things to consider in driving safely (This information can be found in the manual which has provided to us when we enrolled in driving school, but sometimes due to some reasons we are forgetting these points, so let’s try to practice it as much as we can)

1.Distance – It is recommended to follow the three-second rule for maintaining distance from other cars on the road. This will ensure you have an enough space in case of speed adjustment or emergency break.

2.Visibility – Sometimes some drivers are forgetting to turn on their headlights, it happens to me few times especially when my mind is occupied with a lot of things. It is good that I always notice it while driving, this is very dangerous, always remember that the headlight is not just for the driver to see the road but this is to assist another driver in identifying their presence. So always double check it before driving like what we used to do during the first days of our driving after we got our license.

3. Speeding – Sports fast cars are normal here same with a fast driver who feels like as if they are in a race, it is provoking but the only thing we can do is to calm ourselves and follow the speed set limit for our safety.

4. Changing lanes – Before you change your lanes always remember to check your mirrors, I failed on this part during my exam the; center mirror, side mirror and blind spot check sequence I thought these would be useless in practical but following these steps save me a lot.

5. Headlight flashing – It is really irritating habits of few drivers here in UAE, and normally this is the thing that always triggers my patience on the road but, I always remind myself it is better to move and give them the way if it is feasible to do so.

6. Never underestimate the power of your indicators – There are some people who don’t use these not even thinking how harmful it is for other drivers, always use it to avoid confusions on the road and make sure to turn it off once changed lane has been done.

7. Lane Discipline – Watch your speed and know the right lane where you should be at, if you know you are driving a little bit slow move away from the fast lane, this is the normal reasons of some accident in UAE (there are clever slow driver still driving in the fast lane, hello what do you expect will happen?)

8. Trucks – It is a good strategy to stay as far away from them, aside from the blowouts smoke, they generally do not easily realize if you are traveling alongside or behind them so to be safe just keep away from the truck road.

9. Seat Belt – This is always advertised not only in UAE but worldwide, statistics shown that people wearing seat belts have a lower risk of injuries if involved in a car accident, as opposed to those who do not, driver must ensure that all the passengers including him/her are wearing the seatbelt

10.Roundabouts – Never ever stop inside the roundabout as motorist might not see you stopped and might give them a wrong message, many drivers in UAE are not good in driving in roundabout due to some confusion, but it is our responsibility to be familiar with it and avoid being the cause of the accident.

All of us have suffered problem from the road at some point while driving. We learned that the key is not to let our emotions get better from our knowledge. Though, there are times we get

angry by a reckless driver while we are fighting hard to stay our focus to drive safely and calmly, just bear in our mind if we will not be able to control our emotion it may cause us to accidents so why

let them affect us, instead stay cool, follow the rules and avoid those breaking them.

Another basic reminder: hands off to our mobile phones while driving.


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