Wasting my Time at Blogging, Work or Hobby?

Working full time is a commitment that requires a lot of our time energy and effort. For sure this is not just a simple choice of one instead it is a duty and obligation.

Obligation not only for ourselves but also for those people relying on us. For many Overseas Filipino Workers, having a full-time work abroad is our pride and assurance to our families back home that there is someone afar who will help them in times of need.

Seeing them happy give us peace of mind and happiness. Their smiles and joy are actually the reasons why many OFW are fighting and choose to be strong to face whatever hardship they are encountering in a foreign land.

However, despite our eagerness to work hard and of our busy schedule we should know how to treat ourselves from time to time and live our lives in a balanced way.

Treating ourselves doesn’t always mean buying stuff or anything. A simple “me” time to do the things we love is a good gift we can give to ourselves.

living abroad is not easy, being far from your family, friends and comfort zone is really hard. Sometimes, there is moment that we feel lonely and burn out because of our busy working lifestyle. We should help ourselves to find a way on how to do the things that makes us happy and relax.

This will help us to be more motivated and productive despite working hard.

It is good to know that there are many Filipinos and even other nationalities here in UAE found blogging or vlogging as one of the tools or hobby they can do during their extra time. This gives us relaxation and at the same time helps us to learn new things and enhance our skills.

Beautiful places, good experiences, and inspiring success stories are just some of the few things that are always worth to share in our online diary.

For some content-creator blogging is the source of their income, while for me and many full-time workers here treat this as our hobby.
Regardless of how we view the blogging world, there is one thing for sure, we are not wasting our time. Instead, we are doing this as we don’t want to waste our spare time doing nothing and let the loneliness affect us. All of us have this passion to share our thoughts, experiences to all the people out there who love to read blogs!

If you would like to see some of the blogger’s websites in UAE to get in touch or just to read their stories you can find it in this  link.

I am thankful as well that my website PinayExpat.com featured as one of the 50 Dubai Lifestyle Blogs and Website on the Web in 2019.

All the best to all, and as long as we don’t hurt Or offend someone Let us just keep on doing the things we love;)

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